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Scorching hot 5- outfit -

As the title suggests, it was scorching hot outside when we took these photos, and I’m not even sure how I survived wearing skinny jeans that day. Let’s say it was a really poor decision I regret! That’s the reason why we took so few photos… More than these and I would have melted or evaporated on that sidewalk, on a hot day that felt like 40 degrees. T. and I went to try the new coffee cocktails of Nescafe in collaboration with a local shop, which hopefully I’m going to show you soon. Apart from the jeans, the top and the sandals were really comfortable, and it was nice to wear my neon bra again, haha. If you’re reading this post exactly after it has gone live, then I’d probably still be on the road, returning from the beach. Hopefully not looking like a lobster, because it’s still pretty hot in Greece, and it will be my first swim of the season. See you soon my lovelies, hope you like this look. Leave your comments below!

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