My month in pics | October 2015

My month in pics - October 2015 -

Can you believe that October is almost over? I know I can’t! This was a quite full and stressful month, because I had a lot going on, and I was trying to schedule everything in advance so I can take a few days off and go to Athens, where I am right now. October was a cold and rainy month, which pushed us to take out our outerwear and winter footwear, and resulted in some casual and some weird outfits. I’ll link everything below. Let me know which was your favorite of the month! Also, because this post is scheduled, it doesn’t include my latest Instagram photos, so make sure to find me and follow me on Instagram too, to get all my new updates @doyouspeakgossip.

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October 2015 | Wishist

October 2015 - wishlist -

This month’s wishlist could be named “all about shoes” as you can see it’s only consisted of them. It’s been a while since I last made a whole shoe-wishlist, but I simply couldn’t resist, because I found so many beautiful ones, and the list definitely goes on. As you can see I’m slightly addicted to lace-up pumps. I didn’t have the chance to get a pair during summer, but the trend goes on, and I really want to buy one for this or even the next season. Among all those lace-ups there’s also a pair of fuchsia peep-toe booties, and a pair of lavender wellies. They’re both unbelievably cute. Which one is your favorite? They’re all from ASOS but you can find their links below!

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