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Hey teacher 8- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comThis outfit was kind of a last minute choice; something that came to me a few minutes before getting ready to head out. I was looking at my clothes to get inspired, and came across this pencil skirt, that I was dying to wear since last year, but still hadn’t have the chance. So when I saw it, I decided I wanted my outfit of the day to be strict, and old school, like a teacher of the “old days”; a style I was always fond of, since my teenage years. I remembered a strict shirt I bought some years ago, but never worn because I decided it aged me. This was the chance to finally wear it, I thought! “I look like an old school teacher or a librarian” I thought when looking in the mirror after getting dressed. “I should definitely wear my eyeglasses, with the look; I think it would look cool”. I added the burgundy bag to go with the frame of my glasses, and even though I’d kill to have a pair of pointy grey pumps (like the Zara ones from last year, I was dying to buy, but never did!), thought the look would be more interesting, and less predictable by wearing a pair of tall black boots. Plus it made the look more casual, and closer to the style I was going for.

Huge thanks to Kleoniki for taking these amazing photos, which I was totally in love with!

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Home office redecoration | Home décor

Welcome to my room tour, well, actually my home office tour. This is a post I really wanted to make but kept postponing for far too long for various reasons. Today is finally the day. I wanna start by telling you to bear with me, because it’s going to be a huge post, with a lot of text and photos AND not to expect huge changes in the room decoration. I’ll explain the reasons…

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Office preppy chic | Outfit post

I used to love chic outfits for the office, even when I was a teenager. I’d never had the chance to work in such a workplace so far, but finding this vintage jacket of my mom hiding in our attic, brought me back the need to dress like an old-school teacher or something, at least for a day. So I jumped in my wide legged pants, old super-pointy stiletto heels and added some fresher details like the bag, and the necklace. I know that’s not a look that everyone will love, and to be honest, I’m not sure I liked how it looked in these pictures, but it was fun to dress like this for a day, and I couldn’t resist posting the photos we took, even if the sun was playing games with the clouds the whole time, making it difficult for us to shoot these.

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