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Boxer braids for Spring 3- outfit -

I’ve been obsessed with trying out boxer braids on my hair, since they started becoming a trend, but unfortunately I’m not really good with hair, so I asked a friend of mine, who’s better at this to do them for me. And I loved the result! I wish I had fresh dyed hair too, but it will have to wait till next month… too many expenses for this one! Another first for that day was that I wore these pants. I had them in my closet, for I don’t know how long, but never worn there because they’re extremely low cut, and kind of uncomfortable. But with a T-shirt tucked in and a blazer on top, I think they looked quite good. Don’t you think? I absolutely loved this look! I even brought back my silver hoop earrings which I was wearing a lot as a teenager…I think they go great with boxer braids. Hope you like my look!

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