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The pocahontas dress - redhead fashion blogger

I’m well aware that this dress has nothing to do with the one the character Pocahontas wore, but for some reason it reminds me of her. It might be the light brown color, or the texture, I don’t know. In any case, that’s what I’m calling it in my mind. It’s one of my latest purchases, which I’ve shown you on my new haul video here, and it’s from the brand BT London. I styled it with my brown platforms, a dark brown shoulder bag, and big brown sunglasses. The only thing sticking out of the brown pattern was my curly (for the day!) red hair. My leaf necklace, gift from a lovely reader who has become a friend, gave the perfect finish to this look. I absolutely loved this outfit, and these photos we took a couple of days ago, despite the games the sun played with the clouds that day, and so far, I’m loving my newly much shorter hair. But I’ll be waiting for YOUR comments. What do you guys think about this outfit, and my new short hair?

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