Pinks, blues and new hair | Outfits

Pinks, blues and new hair 5- outfit -

Last week I finally tried out the #purplehair Colorista Washout on my hair, and I filmed it for my Youtube channel. It’s already up, and you can actually watch it at the end of this post. It’s in Greek, but you can see the process and the final result up close. Of course you can get a glimpse of it through these photos but it looks so much better in that video. We actually shot these photos, shortly after I finished with the filming of my video, so it was the same day. I wore pink and purple hues to accentuate the color of my hair (which by the way, I loved!), but the true star of this outfit is my hair. I’m seriously thinking of making the change more permanent and adding purple shades to my copper hair, or even go full purple. We’ll see about it. I have to talk about it with my hairdresser, because I’m not a colorist myself. I did do the coloring myself at home this time, but I wouldn’t trust me with a more permanent dye. Plus I have to dye my roots too. But for now the color is looking great, and I’ll keep you posted about its fading process.

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