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Shorts season 3- outfit -

It’s already shorts season. Or isn’t it? The weather lately has me confused. One day it’s so hot like it’s early August and the next one it rains all day long, and reminds you of autumn. Well, one of those hot days I had the chance to wear my relatively new shorts I got from Gap. I’m not too much of a fan of shorts on me, because my thighs are my most problematic area, as I’ve stated before, but they’re a necessary evil for me during Greek summer. I also finally got the chance to wear my new Migato sandals which I’m absolutely in love with. I paired 2 colors I really love together: baby blue & taupe/brown, and finished off the look with rose gold accessories like my watch and bracelet. Hope you like my look babes. See you on Thursday with a new outfit post. Make sure to follow me on social media for more everyday photos.

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Long shirts & short shorts | Outfits

Long shirts & short shorts 4- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comI don’t actually wear short shorts, but this is the shortest I’ve worn in years (outside the comfort of my own house), so you get the point of the title. The long shirt/top is actually new. I went for some gift shopping sometime before my anniversary, and I managed to come home with this shirt, and these new sunglasses (that were on sale!). As you may have noticed, I’ve not done a lot of shopping over the last year either. I buy only a couple of inexpensive things every couple of months, just to feed my hunger for shopping. So I bought these 2 things, and I couldn’t wait to wear them, and I did, 2 days later to go to Kleoniki’s birthday. Of course I had to wear pair of matching heels to finish the look. Do you like my outfit?

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