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Slip dress over T-shirt

Summer is still here, and it’s been quite warm these past few days. So yesterday, T. and I went for a walk, and decided to take a few photos for the blog, while we’re at it. I opened my closet, and found this old slip dress I haven’t worn since I was a teenager, and jumped with joy when I realized I could finally try out the slip dress with a T-shirt trend, that is having a comeback from the ‘90s. A chocker is another very popular ‘90s trend that has returned like a blast from the past, and of course I couldn’t help but combine them in an outfit. My All-star sneakers and my white backpack completed the outfit, and my new Firmoo sunglasses, gave the outfit, a subtle but very welcomed pop of color. Let me know what you think, by leaving a comment below.

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November 2015 | Wishlist

November 2015 - Wishlist -

New month, new wishlist! This month’s wishlist, is really specific, about the things I need/want. The items may differ from what I’ll end up buying, but this is what I have in mind. A nice loose long-sleeved slip dress, a long gray cardigan, a long sleeveless coat, and a normal coat, in any other color than black (like red, gray, or camel). These were the items I was looking for when I went shopping before my trip, but couldn’t find the right ones, and especially the right prices for my budget, so I only bought 2 sweaters, which you hopefully are going to see soon. Another thing my closet, surprisingly to everyone around me, missed, is a classic pair of black pointed pumps. Oh yes, I don’t have a total black one, and I definitely need one. Surely on my list. Wish me luck on my search! All links below!

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