Sephora Solid brush cleaner review

I tried the Solid brush cleaner by Sephora a couple of weeks ago, and I loved how practical it really is. You just dip your brush onto the solid soap and then rub it onto the silicone pad that comes with the soap. The soap is really good, and your brushes get easily & deeply cleaned. The soap has a quite intense scent, however it doesn’t get transferred too much onto the brushes. All in all I liked this product, apart from one small detail. The pad is quite small, so you can’t easily remove the makeup from your bigger brushes, such as the ones you use for your powder, or blush. I would also like some different sizes for the tips of the pad. It would be nice if the product could really get deeper into the brushes, and clean them more easily. However, it’s still a very good product, that I would happily purchase in the future.

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