Almost monochrome | Outfits

Looking at these photos, just now, I realized that I made the exact same color combo a few weeks ago. Can’t believe I just noticed that. haha Well, it is a different outfit, with almost everything changed (except for the bag), but it seems like I really liked this color combo and I unintentionally did it again! 馃檪 So this is the look I wore on Sunday morning to go for brunch with my boyfriend. Super simple, but also kinda girly. The shoes weren’t so kind to my feet, so I had to change them at some point. Thankfully I had my trusty flats with me in the car, so I didn’t have to suffer all day. I kinda love the latest Sundays we had. I love going out, and spending the whole day out of the house… so relaxing, so nice. And the weather now is much kinder, so it’s easier to do so. Anyway… hope聽 you like this look. I know I loved it! 馃檪

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