Culottes & lace up flats | Outfits

I realized the other day, that the weather was still warm enough for me to keep wearing my summer culottes, so I took them out of the other closet, aka storage of my summer clothes, and wore them again. And why not! If it’s still that warm outside, then, why not keep wearing them? Although, the temperatures are about to drop soon, so something tells me that you’ll be seeing more warm outfits from me from now on. That day, we went for some morning errands with T. and my friend Kleoniki, and then, me and Kleoniki went for brunch, and did a few more errands for me and T. We spent the whole day together, as she was soon leaving for UK again, so I wanted to enjoy her company as much as possible. She took these outfit photos for me, and I took hers, and this brought up so many memories from the past. It was a great day, and I actually loved my outfit, so here it is! Hope you like it too! 馃檪

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