Tan & burgundy for fall | Outfits

Tan & burgundy for fall - outfitsWe shot this outfit, just yesterday morning, and I couldn’t wait to show you the new addition to my wardrobe: my burgundy velvet Migato bag. It’s so soft and pretty and has a nice long silver/black chain, and something tells me that I’ll be wearing it non-stop this fall/winter. I can’t wait to pair it with more of my burgundy items, and my velvet boots from last year too. Velvet is still going strong as a trend, so you’re definitely going to be seeing a lot of it. Today’s pairing was something I think I’ve never done before. I wasn’t sure if my monochromatic tan outfit was going to look good paired with this burgundy bag, but I think that I really loved the result in the end. My hair still have a bit of red/purple on the ends, and go perfectly well with the bag as well. Even though I don’t have many tan items in my wardrobe, I think that it’s a color that really complements my skin tone and hair color, so I want to start wearing it more often. What do you think about today’s outfit and photos girls? Do you like it? I actually loved it! 馃檪 Looking forward to hearing聽 your thoughts, so feel free to leave a comment below!

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