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Casual layering for a Sunday brunch 4- outfit -

Well, as I said, the previous one was the last festive outfit of this season, so we’re back to something more casual, just in time for Christmas. For those of you who prefer less fancy outfits, and more cozy ones. I wore this one, some time ago to go on a Sunday brunch with Kleoniki and T. If it was up to me, I’d go for brunch every Sunday. Too bad we don’t have many places that serve brunch in my city, but at the same time it’s good for my poor figure. Well, we took these photos after sunset, so they’re a bit dark, but this is what I wore. I layered my striped dress with last year’s favorite sweater, and belted it to make it less bulky. It was a spontaneous move, as I was late, and needed to change into something else asap. It isn’t the prettiest outfit I’ve ever worn, or the more flattering one, but it was nice and cozy for the day. Hope you like it!

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