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This post comes with a bit of a delay, as I was sure I scheduled it the other day, but turns out, I just edited the photos and then left it for another day. I wore this look not once, but twice last week. The first one was to a coffee date with an old girl friend, and the other one was a day later, for my mom’s birthday. You see I liked it so much, that I wanted to photograph it for the blog, and of course I wanted to wear it again. That goes without saying. 馃檪 This skirt has been a great find, and I love wearing it. So far, I’ve worn it like this, and like this, so this is the 3rd outfit with it. And this must be my favorite combination because of the same color used in almost all the outfit. It just came in my mind, and I had to wear it. The shoes, might be high, but believe me they’re super comfortable, and one of my favorite summer pairs. Now I need a bag in this color, so I can wear it with all my tan/brown shoes I have. What do you think about this look?

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