Vacationing | Outfits

Vacation days may be over, but at least I have tons of photos and videos to remember them by. This was the first actual vacations I had in years. We booked our vacations no more than 1-2 weeks before, as it was a “last minute” decision. We spent some days thinking whether on not we should do it, but I’m so glad we finally decided to go. It was one of the best vacations we had. We visited Chios island, where my father was born and raised, and we toured the island by car. It wasn’t my first time there, but it was T.’s, and even though it was also tiring from all the walking and driving (for him), it was really nice. We shot my look of the day, at the chapel of Agios Isidoros, a few kilometers north of the city of Chios. It’s such a picturesque place; I wanted to visit it since the first time I show photos of it. So of course I had to take photos there. My outfit might be casual, but the location is everything. Don’t you think?

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