Red for Valentine | Outfits

Hey girls! How’s everyone? This post is dedicated to Valentine’s Day. You know how much I love a themed post, and even though my outfit is not something special, I really wanted to wear red for this “holiday”. What are you planning on doing for that day? Do you usually celebrate it, or is it as any other day for you? We don’t tend to actually celebrate the day, but we do enjoy the cakes that come with it. You know how much I love sugarpaste by now, so that’s the perfect opportunity for us to go buy a fancy cake with my favorite topping. It costs an arm and a leg, but I love this stuff. heh So, this coat is actually new. It was a New Year’s present from my boyfriend, and I really love its color, but unfortunately the fitting, not too much. But it’s easily fixable, and I’m planning on taking it to a seamstress to make it fit me perfectly. Of course I had to pair it with my red pumps, which must be the most uncomfortable shoes in my wardrobe to be honest, but hey, they look great! hehe The weather was so nice, I had to wear my culottes with this look. And my top may look black, but it’s actually navy blue, making this outfit a bit different. What do you guys think? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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