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Hello everyone! How are you? I’ve taken a small break from blogging, since I was on holiday till last Monday, but I’m here with a new outfit post. This is the look I wore on Sunday, to go for lunch and coffee with my boyfriend. It was one of the hottest summer days so far, and it was too difficult to stay in non-air conditioned spaces for too long. Thankfully after the sun went down the situation was much better, but we made sure of it, by going to one of my favorite cafes, which is at a higher altitude and has way better chances for some summer breeze. It was exactly what we wanted for that night. My outfit was kept really simple, with wedge sandals, and minimal jewelry, so it’s comfortable and cool enough for me. What do you think?

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Florals & wedge sandals | Outfits

Florals & wedge sandals 4- outfit -

And I’m back with a new outfit post, as promised! Yay! Yesterday it was really sunny so we decided to meet up and take some photos for the blog too. I was in a fancy mood, but I also wanted to wear my wedge sandals, which I haven’t worn since I got them. The result didn’t exactly satisfy me, but oh well… Sometimes it’s a hit, sometimes it’s a miss. I’m gonna try the same look with different shoes someday, ‘cause I really liked this color combo. These days leave me all kinds of tired. Hopefully I’ll have more time for myself soon. Let me know if you liked this look, by leaving a comment below!

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