Are you ready for fall? | Outfits

Hey! I was absent last week, because unfortunately I didn’t have any outfits to show you, but here I am with a look from 2 days ago. Unfortunately, again, the light situation was not good, so these photos are not optimal, but it was the best we could do at that time. I really loved the look of the day, so it would have been sad not to post it on the blog. Fall has already started here in Greece; the temperatures have dropped, so it’s time to start wearing warmer clothes. It’s not something I enjoy, but at least it’s not that hot outside anymore. We had a really hot summer, so that’s a nice change for once. I paired my tan dress with my tan heeled sandals, and then I held my dusty pink bag, and my dusty pink suede jacket. I love the combo of pink and brown. I wore this look for a night out with my boyfriend. We initially went out to eat some dessert, but the place was out of the one we wanted, so we ended up having drinks. Not too bad I guess. hehe How do you like this look?

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