L’Oreal Lip paint matte review

L'Oreal Lip paint matte wuthering purpleIt’s been such a long time since I received and tried out this lip product, yet I realized, I haven’t written a review here on the blog. Mine is no. 207, Wuthering Purple, and it’s a really nice, bold and bright purple lip color. It’s very easy to apply by using its own applicator. You just need to add a few layers for it to look completely okay, but the color is amazing. However, I wouldn’t say that it’s matte, since it never completely dries, and stays quite creamy, but not exactly glossy. It doesn’t stay put for many hours, and since it’s not matte, it is unfortunately transferable, but that’s okay by me. It’s a color I used a lot during spring/summer and I love how it looks on me. There are some other shades available, so if you like it, check them out!

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