Playing “the stylist”

23 February, 2011

Hello dear readers! A few months ago, I found a new way to pass my spare time. I “discovered” a website in which you can play the role of a stylist and dress your models, anyway you like. There are thousands of clothes, bags, shoes and other amazing accessories, which are the real designs/items of numerous brands and designers. Many of you may already know it. I’m talking about Looklet, and if you don’t know it yet, you can pay a visit to the site, to see the looks made by some of the “stylists” or, even better, create a look yourself. It took me months before I created an account there, but once I did I was hooked.

The reason I’m telling you all these, is because I want to show you some of the looks I created, through this site. So, for today I’m going to show you some casual styles I liked the most.

I don’t like putting too many items on the models, because I think it makes the outfit look “too busy”. I’m trying to keep it simple and stylish. I think this site really helps with outfit ideas and style inspiration. However, I’m more of a formal-style girl myself and I like dressing up when I go out, but I’m also camera-shy, hence, the absence of personal style photos. But, who knows? Maybe in the future I might surprise myself and do so.

I will show you some of the other looks I created, in later posts. If you already have a Looklet account and you liked these outfits, visit my page here to “follow” me or “like” my page and/or my looks.

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