Casual in purple | Outfits

Casual in purple 3- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comLately it’s been too hot for outfit photos and these particular ones were taken bright and early under the hot sun. My only concern that day was to be comfortable and wear as light clothes as I could. So again a pair of shorts came to the rescue. Oversized shorts are perfect, because they let you breathe, and don’t stick on your skin, making you feel sweaty. And these flat sandals have proven to be the best summer piece, and they’re so versatile, as they go with almost everything. The outfit was completed with my bright yellow jelly bag, and my new Mac Candy Yum Yum lipstick! What do you think?

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In a grey mood | Outfits

Call me M fashion bloggerGrey and gloomy! I’m talking about the weather again, but you already know that. That’s all I’m talking about lately. So, I dressed accordingly, with my bright pink lipstick being the only thing making a difference. You can’t really tell by the photos but it really added a pop of color to the whole outfit. It’s been a while since you last saw me wearing an almost completely monochromatic look. Here it is then. In an outfit that I hope will be one of the last ones of this winter. What do you think?

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Baby it’s cold outside | Outfits

Baby it's cold outside 5- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comSuch an original title (enter sarcasm here), I know! But it was the only thing I could think of, because it was totally true. As you’ll notice, this post has such a low number of photos in comparison with my usual ones, and it’s not because I didn’t like what I was wearing this time, no. Well, it’s not my favorite outfit to wear to go out, but it was cozy and perfect for the super super cold day we had. But, the only thing missing from protecting me was my gloves. And they made a huge difference because I couldn’t move my hands after some minutes outside. And my photographer wasn’t happy either. So these 6 shots, will have to do for now, I’m sorry. This was kind of my “uniform outfit” in the cold weather we had over the past few weeks. This and my cozy sweaterdress instead of this sweatshirt saved my days. Stay warm people! I heard another cold wave is coming our way! Brrr…..

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Sweaterdress & over-the-knee socks | Outfits

Sweaterdress & over-the-knee socks 2- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comThis is another look we photographed last month (actually the last one before I took more than a 2-week-break from outfit photos), when the weather was still bearable. It’s the first time I’m wearing these kinds of over-the-knee socks outside, because even though I own them for years, I wasn’t so brave to do so. In my eyes, they can be quite sexy, and I’m not comfortable with looks or even comments from strangers. But this time I decided to find a way to wear them out, and I found that this sweaterdress is the best way to do it, because it’s rather casual and doesn’t leave much skin exposed, due to its length. Paired with my wedge booties, it almost looks as if I’m wearing over-the-knee boots; another trend I never thought would be for me and my bodytype, or even weight.  My mom’s old thin belt and my D&G clutch in the same hue were the perfect touch to the look. Do you like it?

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Casual city look | Outfits

Casual city look 3- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comWow! It’s been a while since I last posted an outfit. I didn’t intend it to be this way, but after the usual month in pics, and wishlist posts, I had the pleasure of covering the fashion show, so these posts had to go first. These photos are a bit “old” now, since they were taken at the end of October. But the most important thing is that we started wearing warmer clothes, knits, and even coats. It’s still not that cold outside, even though we had a few cold days, but I kind of like these temperatures. I can’t stand the cold anyway. This outfit is quite casual for a walk downtown with the girls, which ended with a big cup of pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks, but see you next time with a new – less casual – outfit post.

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