One day trip to Veroia & Naoussa | Travel

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Last Wednesday, T. and I drove to Veroia & after that to Naoussa to see the cities and meet up with friends. It was a short visit, but we enjoyed our day to the fullest. Even though Veroia is the biggest city between the two, we only stayed there for a little while, and then we drove to Naoussa to spend the rest of the day there. Both cities are really close to Thessaloniki, just an hour drive from it, and they have so many pretty places to visit, like the park in the photos (which is in Naoussa) and Agios Nikolaos which is just above Naoussa and has a well-maintained park with brooks and small waterfalls, and it’s one of the prettiest places I’ve visited. I’m sure it will be even better during the hot months of summer. I took so many photos there, that it was difficult to just pick a few to show you here today. I hope you get to see the beauty of these places through the photos I took. Enjoy!

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