Winter into spring | Outfits

Winter into spring 7- outfit -

I sincerely hope this one to be the last outfit of this winter, although I highly doubt it. We took these photos on Friday, which was the only warm and sunny day among many cloudy and rainy ones lately, and even though my outfit was too warm for the day, it was appropriate for the night, when I got back home. I’m wearing my new long sweater which I showed you on my latest haul video, with a plaid shirt, my black skinny jeans and my biker boots. I really wanted to wear lighter colors that day, but I felt uninspired about my outfit. At least it was comfortable. My outfit makes a complete contrast with the blossoming trees in my background. Really want spring to stay for good! Have a great week my loves!

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Here comes the cold | Outfits

Here comes the cold 6- outfit -

This outfit is as casual as it gets. Really! Comfortable pants, chunky knit, biker boots, almost no-makeup. I wore it to a coffee date with Kleoniki and Sonia, and to be honest I wasn’t feeling like wearing anything else, because I was really tired and sleepy from the previous day, hence the almost no-makeup. You see, the previous night we were still working on the new theme for the site, and we stayed up till the morning in order to make it public before sunrise but due to some issues, we had to do that later in the day. So T. and I both slept very little and felt drained for the rest of the day. But I think it was worth it. Don’t you think? Did you like my new theme? I had it in mind for months now, and wanted the change to coincide with my blog’s anniversary. Anyhow, I got home just 2 hours before my date with the girls, cooked something to eat and then got ready and left. I’m always stressed as hell but always find a way to make things work. So proud! hehe Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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Biker boots season | Outfits

Biker boots season 5- outfit -

Good morning and happy Monday dear readers! I hope you had a nice weekend! Mine was quite full but really nice! Lately, I’ve started wearing my autumnal clothes and my boots, as it’s the season of rains, and I can’t get away with anything less than boots anymore. I wore this outfit last Friday afternoon, to go shopping downtown. I don’t know if I told you here before, but I have a wedding in Athens to attend in about 10 days and I found I had nothing to wear. My initial thought was to buy a nice A-line dress but somehow I ended up buying a super tight pencil dress with an amazing back. haha Don’t blame me, blame the dress people! Because it’s gorgeous! Now I have to be careful with my diet because that dress hides nothing! 😛 Wish me luck! How about this outfit though? Do you like it? Super simple and casual, but I know you love these anyway! 🙂

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Last | Outfits

Last 6- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comHopefully this is the last outfit this season still wearing winter attire. We took these photos at the end of the Holy Week with Kleoniki, after we filmed a new video for Stylishly Beautiful’s Youtube channel that is coming this week. It was a quite cold day, despite the season, so I had to wear a long sweater and my biker boots (and I was still cold like this), but at least we managed to take these photos just before sundown, and hopefully that was the last cold day we had (until fall at least). As you can see my hair was still freshly dyed and vibrant red, like in the previous post (click to read it if you haven’t already). Nothing really interesting here, just a super simple and casual outfit for that day which we mostly spent inside the house, filming and giggling… I hope you have a nice week!   

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Nature’s child | Outfits

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Thankfully I managed to take my outfit photos with the help of my cousin the other day, so I’m back with another outfit post. You know how much I love those. My outfit of the day was rather unusual to my style. I called it modern spinster meets wannabe rebel fashionista. haha Sometimes even I’m tired of my signature style and want to experiment with my wardrobe. So I knew I wanted to wear this skirt, which is actually ankle length (do you remember it from my post back in 2012? Well, if you follow me since then, you’re awesome, and thank you very much!) and combine it with my biker boots for a little bit of edge, and to keep it from looking dull and boring. Not sure if I succeeded, but oh well, it looked cool for one day! Thoughts?

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