Last days of spring | Outfits

Last days of spring 6- outfit -

Back to my routine, and hopefully to more outfit posts, now that all the posts from my trip to the Netherlands are over. This outfit post however, was shot before our trip, so it’s quite old now, but I wanted to finish the ones from Holland first. It’s now officially too hot to be wearing anything long, but it’s still a nice outfit, and we do get some chilly days, so here it is. Casual with a twist, focused on two colors, red and dark blue, perfect for an afternoon coffee or for drinks with friends. Updos are the hairstyle of the season, because I seriously can’t stand my hair down when it’s so hot outside. I barely had time to wear any pair of pumps this spring, since it was raining non-stop, especially after we got back and that’s partly the reason, why we hadn’t shot anything in weeks. But I’ll slowly get back to outfit posting, and hopefully I will post more outfits during summer. Hope  you like this look. Enjoy your week!

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Winter into spring | Outfits

Winter into spring 7- outfit -

I sincerely hope this one to be the last outfit of this winter, although I highly doubt it. We took these photos on Friday, which was the only warm and sunny day among many cloudy and rainy ones lately, and even though my outfit was too warm for the day, it was appropriate for the night, when I got back home. I’m wearing my new long sweater which I showed you on my latest haul video, with a plaid shirt, my black skinny jeans and my biker boots. I really wanted to wear lighter colors that day, but I felt uninspired about my outfit. At least it was comfortable. My outfit makes a complete contrast with the blossoming trees in my background. Really want spring to stay for good! Have a great week my loves!

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Red & blue in the rain | Outfits

Red & blue in the rain 6- outfit -

As you can tell by the title, we took these photos while it was raining. You can’t really tell by them, but it was really gray, foggy and rainy that day, but it was our only chance to photograph this outfit on time, in order for me to show it to you today. And so we did! My big umbrella kept me dry (although we did take some photos without it), and the coffee in my hands kept me warm. The inspiration behind this outfit was this beautiful new silver Larimar bracelet, which I was sent by the kind people of the brand, and I’m sure I’ll wear a lot during spring/summer, but I just couldn’t wait till then. It’s very well-made, pretty and minimal, and its stone and shape of it is really eye-catching. I wore it with my baby blue sweater paired with my plaid shirt and red bag, to make a nice contrast. My black booties weren’t in the initial plan, but the rain stopped me from wearing a pair of pumps, and to be honest I was really pleased by the final look. What do you think?

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Double plaid | Outfits

Double plaid 4- outfit -

I had this outfit on my mind since last year, but I didn’t have the chance to “bring it to life” then. But that’s okay! I managed to do it now, and even though I was reluctant at first, because I didn’t know if I’d like the double plaid in contrasting colors, I actually loved the result! This is the 5th look of my lookbook video (go here to watch it now, and make sure to subscribe for more!), which I’ve promised you on Friday! Hopefully I’ll be back with more new posts, really soon, because I’m all out! The big anniversary of the blog is coming again and I’m stressed because I’m not sure I’ll manage to realize everything I have in mind for it. Hopefully, I will! We’ll have to wait and see! So, what do YOU think of the double plaid/tartan situation of this post, and the contrasting colors red/green/blue?

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Casual in autumn | Outfits

Casual in autumn 8- outfits -

Hello pumpkins! How are you? Are you excited for the weekend? I know I am! This is a look I wore last Saturday to go out with the girls. As you can see, the time for layering is already here, and as much as I hate winter layering, I have no problem with autumn one. Layers help you stay warm or cool, depending on the occasion. For this one, I layered a sleeveless summer tank top, my plaid shirt, and my warmer jacket. And as you can see my winter booties are already out, as much as I wanted them to stay hidden for a little while longer. Thank God for them though, because as soon as we finished with these photos, it started raining cats & dogs, and there’s nothing better than boots to fight the rain. Even if it’s a heeled version of them. What do you think?

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