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Last 6- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comHopefully this is the last outfit this season still wearing winter attire. We took these photos at the end of the Holy Week with Kleoniki, after we filmed a new video for Stylishly Beautiful’s Youtube channel that is coming this week. It was a quite cold day, despite the season, so I had to wear a long sweater and my biker boots (and I was still cold like this), but at least we managed to take these photos just before sundown, and hopefully that was the last cold day we had (until fall at least). As you can see my hair was still freshly dyed and vibrant red, like in the previous post (click to read it if you haven’t already). Nothing really interesting here, just a super simple and casual outfit for that day which we mostly spent inside the house, filming and giggling… I hope you have a nice week!   

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Game of Colors | Outfit post

We took these photos some days ago, before me and T. headed for dinner. I was so extremely busy that day, running around, doing house works that we missed the light and couldn’t take good photos. I’m beginning to look like a happy housewife around here, with all those house works that my mom used to do before her injury. I kind of enjoy some of them, but don’t tell anyone. hehe

About this outfit….It’s very simple, combining some of the colors that I wore a lot this summer, but the problem is that due to the lighting (or the lack of it) the dress seems like it is a different color in almost every photo. We played around with the settings, but we didn’t have a lot of time, and we were getting bitten my mosquitoes, so we took these quickly and went to dinner. I kind of like this result. It’s like I have this dress in many similar colors. And after seeing them on my pc I wished I had. hehe Hope you like them too!

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Bare midriffs and Greek colors | outfit post

I wanted to wear the bare midriff trend for a long time, but since my body isn’t as fit as I would like it to be to wear a cropped top, I kept postponing it. Until, I came across an old top in my closet, that reminded me of how much I loved it in the past and decided to pair it with one of my summer white high-waisted skirts. That way, the bare part would be kept to a minimum, and I would still be able to wear one of the trends of this summer that I really like. On the plus side I could wear it with my blue D&G slingback pumps to save another pair of shoes.

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Summer Sunsets | Outfit post

A few days ago my friend S., who studies abroad, (do you remember telling you about her, last summer in Vienna?) and I, went for an afternoon coffee, on the spot I told you about on a previous post. She was in Greece for vacation, but spent most of her days on an island camping, but when she returned, she called me wanting to meet me. She’s one of my dearest friends. Despite studying abroad, and no matter how many miles separate us, we always talk and always meet when she’s in town. She feels like a sister to me.  And it’s one of the friendships I value the most! She only stayed in town for a day before she left for Germany again to study, but we managed to find some time for a coffee and some catching up! I always like to make time on my schedule (no matter how busy it can be at times), for my friends, especially good ones!

Before we reach our destination I asked her to take some pictures of me and my outfit for the blog. It’s always nice to have someone do it for you, instead of using a self-timer. The result left me speechless. She did such a great job with the photos…They were exactly as I wanted them to be, and even more! I hope you like them as much as I did.

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Colorblock this!

I wore this outfit for a night out with friends, in an attempt to finally wear my Tsakiris Mallas shoes I bought back then, and “save” them according to the rules of the Shoeper Shoe Challenge by

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