Faux leather skirt | Outfits

We shot these photos last Monday, before I headed to Mediterranean Cosmos for a coffee date with my friend Maria. The weather was back on being perfect for the season, and I got the chance to wear my new faux leather skirt, that I got just a few days ago, from H&M. I really love this color, but the truth is, I have so many shoes in this one for spring/summer, and then I got clothes in this color for fall/winter, but I can rarely pair them with each other. So I was really happy to do so last Monday, and wear my new skirt, with this summer’s favorite pair of flat sandals. Of course I also wore one of my favorite t-shirts, which get a ton of wear during spring and fall. And my vintage bead bag, which as you know if handmade by my mom herself, and it’s been a huge trend lately. Do you like this relaxed and casual look? I did!

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