Monochrome | Outfits

Back again with a new look, which I wore a couple of days ago. Keeping the same hues as the previous one, but this time it’s a monochrome look. I had this outfit in mind for a long time, so I was happy I was finally able to wear it, and photograph it too. I was happy that this skirt still fits me, since I had put on some weight in winter. But turns out, it might actually be even bigger on me than it was last year, so that’s great news! haha Bought it at the end of last summer, so I was definitely not ready to let it go. It went perfectly with my tan t-shirt, tan bag, and tan shoes. haha I also wore some gold accessories to finish off the look. Let me know what you think!

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In a grey mood | Outfits

Call me M fashion bloggerGrey and gloomy! I’m talking about the weather again, but you already know that. That’s all I’m talking about lately. So, I dressed accordingly, with my bright pink lipstick being the only thing making a difference. You can’t really tell by the photos but it really added a pop of color to the whole outfit. It’s been a while since you last saw me wearing an almost completely monochromatic look. Here it is then. In an outfit that I hope will be one of the last ones of this winter. What do you think?

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