Mint & purple in the snow | Outfits

mint coat - snowWe took these photos really quick on Tuesday, after we met for breakfast and coffee with Kleoniki. I think we got a new favorite spot, and go there all the time now. The thing is that when I woke up that morning it was snowing heavily in my area, but fortunately not so much in other areas of Thessaloniki, like the one I was going to. A few minutes after our breakfast, and right before we went out for outfit photos it started snowing there too. It was beautiful, but it was too cold to take the coat or the gloves off, and in a few minutes I looked like a wet cat, so there aren’t many photos in this post. I’ll try to make up for it, in the next post. Still, I enjoyed the snow like a little kid.

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Winter pastels | Outfits

Winter pastels 4- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comI’m really excited about today’s post, because…. I went shopping and came home with quite a few finds. At last! I really needed to buy some new stuff, and I couldn’t help myself anymore. I broke my “shopping diet”. I hadn’t actually bought anything since last August, when I bought 2 pieces of clothing. So I got a few things, and among them were 3 of the items I’m wearing in this post. I found this gorgeous mint coat, with 50% off, and I couldn’t leave it behind. The funny thing is that Kleoniki had the same idea for another mint coat, and we met up downtown unintentionally looking like twins, so we had a good laugh. If I could I would have bought the baby pink, and baby blue version of it as well. Also new are the sweater and this beautiful hear-printed shirt. I kept the rest of the outfit quite simple and black, to keep some balance since it’s still winter and I had a long day ahead of me so I wanted to be warm and comfortable. Oh I love this look! What do you think?

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