Blue & mustard | Outfits

Blue & yellow are two of the basic colors, and even though most of us hesitate to combine them, I was happy to do it for this casual look of the day. I even wore sneakers. Can you believe it? Spring is on its way, and hopefully you won’t get to see many winter outfits from now on, even though it’s still pretty cold outside, but you get the point. You know that I love my spring/summer wardrobe way more than my winter one. Not much to say about this look. I liked it, but it ain’t that special, let’s be honest. I added that choker on top of the sweater, in an effort to make the outfit look more special. haha See you soon with a new post loves!

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Mustard & burgundy | Outfits

Hiii! Long time no see! I had to take a break from posting unfortunately, because I was really swamped with Vlogmas, and the move back from Athens. This is the first look we shot back in Athens (because I’m now back in Thessaloniki, since Saturday), and I really liked how it turned out. I love combining my new mustard sweater with red or burgundy. It looks a bit like ketchup and mustard, and these two look great together, don’t you think? haha We shot these pics at Stavros Niarchos Foundation when we went one day, and I really love the contrast with the all grey background. I wore my new Zara jeans for the first time, and combined them with my burgundy ankle boots, and my velvet bag, which goes wherever I go this winter. I also changed my hair, in case you didn’t notice. It is a bit faded in the photos, and looks more red than violet, but it is the color I had at the ends of my hair for the last couple of months. Hopefully it will look more violet than red next time. Do you like my look?

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The mustard sweater | Outfits

The mustard sweater 5- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comAs you might already know, mustard is a huge color trend for fall/winter 2017/2018. Even though I didn’t really like it in the past, it works well with my skin tone and hair color, so I decided to buy a sweater in this color, after having seen it online and loved it. This is an oversized sweater, and it’s a bit tricky to buy the right size online. I actually for the first time in years, had to return it and size way down with this one. I actually got it on XS, and as you can see it’s still quite oversized on me. I couldn’t wait to wear it of course, and even though it’s still not cold enough for turtlenecks, I went along and wore it anyway. I paired it with my leather like pants, that still fit well, even though I gained weight since last winter, and my favorite winter booties. Simple but great at the same time. What do you guys think?

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