Blue & mustard | Outfits

Blue & yellow are two of the basic colors, and even though most of us hesitate to combine them, I was happy to do it for this casual look of the day. I even wore sneakers. Can you believe it? Spring is on its way, and hopefully you won’t get to see many winter outfits from now on, even though it’s still pretty cold outside, but you get the point. You know that I love my spring/summer wardrobe way more than my winter one. Not much to say about this look. I liked it, but it ain’t that special, let’s be honest. I added that choker on top of the sweater, in an effort to make the outfit look more special. haha See you soon with a new post loves!

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Food is my BFF | Outfits

Greek blogger - DoYouSpeakGossip?

This is the look I wore to the Youtubers’ meet up last Friday. I wanted something casual, comfortable and warm enough, but without losing my personal touch, so I picked a quite simple look, and added a favorite pair of heels. The star of the outfit however was this new T-shirt I got with a “slogan” which couldn’t be more “me” even if it wanted to. I laughed so hard when I saw it, and it was gray so it got in my shopping cart in no time. The thick cardigan was more than necessary as at night the temperatures fall around 15 degrees, and it proved to be a wise choice. I had such a fun time with all the subscribers I got to meet, and the youtubers too, and I hope we do it again soon!

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Downtown casual | Outfits

These photos were taken last Sunday when I met with my blogger friends downtown to go to an event with handmade items, but I had to change the order of my outfit photos because I wanted to show you my cherry-print outfit first (click here to read it, if you haven’t already). I wanted to be super casual, because I was going to be many hours out of the house, and had to also do a lot of walking. Maria of Style Bows took these photos of me (click here to see her outfit of the day, and the photos I took of her), and after the event we went to Starbucks to enjoy the Christmas blends that are already out. Check out my social media channels for photos of that day, and make sure to follow me everywhere (links at the end of this post).

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Preveza vacation – Day 3 | Travel

Day 3 in Preveza was really full, so I have to warn you that this post is picture-loaded. But a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’m going to give you a small summary of the day, and then let you continue to the pics and captions to learn more. We decided to go to Acheron river on the 3rd day , and also visit the nearby Necromanteio (which was unfortunately closed). We skipped lunch to then go to Parga’s castle, and enjoy the view of Parga from there. Our day ended there, since we wanted to return to the hotel for dinner and stay in that night, which turned out to be a wise decision; at dinner time the skies opened and a storm hit the area. It was raining cats & dogs so we thanked our luck for deciding to stay in, and enjoyed a drink at our hotel. If you were following me on Instagram, you’ve surely seen some photos, but if you haven’t you can do it here.

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First autumn leaves | Outfit post

I think the weather is getting colder these days. I could feel it the night I returned home after we had taken these photos! Days are still pretty warm, but when the sun goes down the temperatures drop. My trusty long cardigan couldn’t keep me warm enough. I think it’s finally time to bring out the trench coats and jackets for this season, even here in Greece. This “long summer” has been fun, but it can’t stay forever. These days, I’m dressing really casual. I find this season really tricky. You can’t wear summer clothes, but you can’t wear winter clothes either. I have some fall pieces, but the trickiest part is the shoes for me. Too cold to wear sandals, to warm to wear boots…Usually in these cases, I choose to wear my ballerinas.

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