Baby blue & burgundy | Outfits

Wore this look last week, and I really enjoyed it, but I found the skirt way too long for my height, and kind of “sexy” for my taste. I would preferably shorten it just a little bit, to have more space between the skirt, and the booties, but I don’t think I can do this, since it’s knitted. But, I’m thinking of sewing part of the slit so I can wear it higher, and therefore, make the skirt shorter. What do you think? When I first saw that skirt (I actually thought it was a dress, because it has a matching top) I was in love with it. And when I found out it was from Zara, I went back and forth many times to make sure I get it. I never found it in stores but I ended up ordering the set online. So, it’s the first time I’m wearing it, and decided to wear it without its matching top, because that one was not weather appropriate, but maybe I can wear it on top of another blouse some day. Matched it with my burgundy bag and booties. Do you like the look?

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Culottes & lace up flats | Outfits

I realized the other day, that the weather was still warm enough for me to keep wearing my summer culottes, so I took them out of the other closet, aka storage of my summer clothes, and wore them again. And why not! If it’s still that warm outside, then, why not keep wearing them? Although, the temperatures are about to drop soon, so something tells me that you’ll be seeing more warm outfits from me from now on. That day, we went for some morning errands with T. and my friend Kleoniki, and then, me and Kleoniki went for brunch, and did a few more errands for me and T. We spent the whole day together, as she was soon leaving for UK again, so I wanted to enjoy her company as much as possible. She took these outfit photos for me, and I took hers, and this brought up so many memories from the past. It was a great day, and I actually loved my outfit, so here it is! Hope you like it too! 馃檪

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Knotted | Outfits

Can you guess who did I shoot these photos with? Remember my friend Kleoniki who used to shoot almost all my blog photos in the past? Well, she’s back in Greece for a couple of weeks, and we went out for coffee the other day, so I asked her to shoot some photos for my blog, to show you the outfit of the day. I didn’t have my DSLR with me, so these were shot by my vlogging camera. It reminds me of the first blogging years, when I used to shoot with a different lens. This is the dress I bought last month, and it’s finally cold enough to wear it. It ties around the waist like you’re wearing a cardigan, but it’s actually the dress itself. I paired it with my grey/black cardigan, my silver backpack, and my white Converse. Super comfortable for a walk downtown. What do you think?

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Welcome fall | Outfits

Judging by the clothes I’m wearing in this look, it seems like a long time since I last posted a fresh outfit, but the truth is that this and the last one, were shot only a few days apart. There’s been a major change in the weather, and the temperatures have dropped a lot. Now we’re back to normal fall weather, for Greece’s standards at least. So I started wearing my long jeans, t-shirt, and leather jackets, along with my ballerina flats. These are pretty much a fall wardrobe staple for me. Super casual, for an afternoon at the stores, to shop things for our house with my boyfriend. And since I’m writing this article, just minutes before it goes live, I won’t write anything more. See you on the next one!

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Again with the culottes | Outfits

We’ve officially entered fall, and I really don’t wanna think about it. It’s not that I love summer, I’m a spring girl at heart, but fall and winter are not my favorite seasons, that’s for sure. I do like that the weather is getting chillier, but I don’t want the temperatures to drop a lot more. I like wearing my culottes and t-shirts or sleeveless tops, with sandals, and maybe a light cardigan or jacket at night. On today’s look, I wore just that, without the outerwear since it was the morning and it was a pretty hot day anyway. My backpack hasn’t left my back these past few days, since I’m suffering from muscle pain on my arm, and it’s the only bag that doesn’t make me want to scream. I’m planning on investing in more backpacks in the future. Do you like today’s casual look?

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