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Hello everyone! We shot these photos just the day before yesterday, when we went out for a walk with my boyfriend, and we had the pleasure of watching one of the best sunsets, despite the clouds. You can partly see it in our photos, but it lacks, compared to how beautiful it looked up close. It was kind of chilly, so I didn’t know exactly what to wear, and I was pleased I ended up wearing this light knit dress, and my suede jacket, because a couple of hours later, we got caught under heavy rain. But at least I wasn’t cold. While editing these photos, I realized, that while I have this dress since last spring, and I did wear it a lot during spring, fall and winter, I have uploaded only 2 looks with it. For today’s look, I played with the dusty pink, and the baby blue color of my dress, and wore matching accessories, like my jacket, bag, and shoes. I really liked the combo. Definitely happy we’re now able to dress up and go out again. 😀

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November’s wishlist

Hello my dear readers! I hope you had a nice start of the week, and as today is the 1st of November, I’m wishing you a great start of the month.

For today I have this month’s wishlist prepared for you, with mixed items, both expensive and cheaper ones.

As always, I’ll be waiting for your comments, and if you hadn’t already, you can check my latest posts (here and here), when I was still on my trip.

1. Giuseppe Zanotti Ankle-strap suede peep-toe pumps, 455€

Photos taken from Net-a-porter

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I’m in love with these shoes, in every possible color. I loved them when I saw them in leopard, and green, and now I’m in love with the purple version as well. I’m not a huge fan of ankle straps, but those are so cute, and it seems that you can take them off if you don’t like them. I’m seriously thinking of buying them, since I don’t find them extremely expensive as most of designer shoes. If you want them too, you can find them on Net-a-Porter.

2. Charlotte Olympia Polly Cavallion calf hair pumps, €738.85.

Photos taken from Net-a-Porter

At first I didn’t like the platform of the Charlotte Olympias at all, but I got used to them, and now I kind of like them. And if you add the fact that these are leopard (one of my biggest obsessions right now), with red platforms and heels, they can be an irresistible combination. You can find them on Net-a-porter too.

3. Mango dress with draped detailing, 44.95€.

Photos taken from Mango

How cute is this Little White Dress (LWD) with the slim black belt and the draped detailing at the front? I’m a sucker when it comes to dresses like this. Minimal and chic! That’s the style I prefer. However, I know that this is not for everyone’s taste. If you like it though, you can find it on Mango.  And it also comes in red.

4. Mango superslim jeans, 29.95€.

Photos taken from Mango

I would love to have a pair of bright red slim jeans. However, I’m not so sure, that I would look good in them, because of my silhouette, but I would like to try them on. They look amazing! I should visit Mango as soon as possible…And you should too, if you like them (Click here to see them in Mango’s site).

5. Mango Openwork Knit dress, 59.95€.

Photos taken from Mango

It seems that I found many reasons to visit Mango, this month. And it also seems that I would love to add some red color in my wardrobe, as I don’t have many red clothes. Isn’t this red knitted dress adorable? I’m not sure if it is long enough to wear it with tights, but it would look nice with some leggings. Click here to make it yours.

Did you like this month’s wishlist? I hope I gave you some inspiration or ideas…I try to add some less expensive clothes and accessories to my wishlist every month, because I know that you like it, but I still post some nice designer shoes and accessories. That’s where I usually spend a lot more money on. I tend to buy less expensive clothes and mix them with better quality shoes/bags/accessories. What’s your pattern?


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