VFW days 2 & 3 Favorite designs

On my previous post I shared with you my favorite designs from day 1 of Vancouver Fashion Week. Today, I’ll share with you my favorite looks from days 2 & 3. Unfortunately the photos from Day 4 weren’t uploaded yet, so you may want to check their Facebook page in a few hours to see the designs. Now, let’s see my favorite picks from day 2:

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Vancouver Fashion Week 18-23 Sept. 2012

Hello everyone! Some time ago, I wrote on my Facebook page, that I was really excited to be invited to Vancouver Fashion Week, but unfortunately, I couldn’t go, because it’s way too far, and expensive to travel to Canada right now. However, I’m happy to announce that I’ve partnered with them, and I’m going to share many things from VFW when the time comes. Until then, I should tell you a few things about it.

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