Vancouver Fashion Week 18-23 Sept. 2012

9 September, 2012

Hello everyone! Some time ago, I wrote on my Facebook page, that I was really excited to be invited to Vancouver Fashion Week, but unfortunately, I couldn’t go, because it’s way too far, and expensive to travel to Canada right now. However, I’m happy to announce that I’ve partnered with them, and I’m going to share many things from VFW when the time comes. Until then, I should tell you a few things about it.

 VFW is a cutting-edge fashion experience that features emerging and international designers. Recognized as a global platform for designers and media, it has featured award-winning designers including Pauline Van Dongen, Ha Sang Beg, Carolyn Massey, Bohoboco, and Sunny Fong.

As it enters its eleventh year, VFW is ambitiously vying for the title of second most prominent fashion industry event in North America, subsequent to none other than New York’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

With the stunning backdrop of coastal Vancouver, Vancouver Fashion Week will launch Spring/Summer 2013, showcasing leading designers from around the world in the spotlight of local and international media outlets.

Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW), West Coast’s most prominent industry event, returns September 18th to 23rd, 2012, for a dynamic and exhilarating new season. Unlike any other industry event in the region, VFW exhibits not only up and coming local designers and award-winning talents from fashion capitals such as London, Milan and Paris, but also innovative and avant-garde designers from Asia Pacific, South America and other European countries such as Germany and Norway.

There’s gonna be another post soon, with more information, but until then, you can visit their site, Facebook page, and Twitter to get the latest news.

Is anyone going to Vancouver to watch the shows of VFW? I’m jealous! 🙂

See you all tomorrow with another post. Stay tuned!



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16 comments on “Vancouver Fashion Week 18-23 Sept. 2012

  1. Πόσο ωραία που ήσουν καλεσμένη! Κρίμα που δεν κατάφερες να παραστείς αλλά είνα πραγματικά πολύ μακριά και ένα τέτοιο ταξίδι απαιτεί πολύ χρόνο και χρήμα! Χαίρομαι που μέσα από το post σου έμαθα τόσα ενδιαφέροντα στοιχεία για τη διοργάνωση!

    Φιλάκια πολλά
    Elsa recently posted..Pajama PartyMy Profile

    • Nai einai alitheia oti ena tetoio taxidi einai poli akrivo…Makari na mporousa na paw, ‘i toulaxiston na itan gia kapou pio konta…Sinexizontas ti sinergasia mou me ti VFW tha kanw 2-3 post akoma gia to event.
      Filakia polla!

  2. So cool that you got an invitation, even if you can’t go! I would love to have an invite for the big shows in Paris or Milan! I’ll be waiting here for more of your exclusive posts 😉
    We got really lucky with the weather while we were in Paris, that’s why we were so stylish! I agree, there’s nothing worse than the weather being bad and you not having enough warm clothes…
    8 days in Paris is just about the right time to see most of it without hurrying. We were in Paris only for 5 days, because we did a much bigger trip, but it was exhausting, because we practically only had about 3 days and a half to visit Paris and a day to visit Versailles. But swollen feet or not, we had a great time 🙂
    Fashionthroughtravel recently posted..Travel Series: Paris (II)My Profile

  3. Congrats Μ. για την πρόσκληση! Κρίμα που δε μπορείς να παρευρεθείς, αλλά αυτό είναι μια πολύ καλή αρχή για μελλοντικές προτάσεις! Και εύχομαι να είναι σε Ευρωπαικό πεδίο για να σου είναι πιο εύκολο να πας! Thanks for sharing info about VFW ! :-)))

    Kisses xx

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