Tan & mustard | Outfits

We took these photos last week, on a cloudy Sunday, just before our lunch. We drove to Chortiatis, and decided to take photos there. And we found the perfect spot for them. That amazing house with the very steep roof, and the orange door, that matched my look of the day. I didn’t know what to wear when I woke up in the morning, but I actually loved my look that day. I really enjoyed wearing it, because it was both pretty and comfortable, and kept me warm. I paired my mustard sweater with my black culottes, and my tan ankle boots, which I haven’t worn much (because I keep forgetting that I have them in my collection). I also wore this cream/off-white coat for the first time. I could have worn my camel one, but this one made the look more interesting in my eyes. What do you guys think? I absolutely love it!

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Tan & burgundy | Outfits

I recently got this dress from Zara, and I’ve been dying to wear it, even though it’s more spring-appropriate since it’s short-sleeved. So I decided to wear it with my burgundy coat, bag, and booties, since I really loved the combination of tan and burgundy, from the last time I wore it. That day started really sunny and warm, but around noon, it started being windy and cloudy. So if you see my hair flying around my head, that’s why. I loved this combo once again, and I’m glad I got to wear this dress before spring, because it looked amazing with the coat. And even though I’m not a fan of brown or its variations, I’ve started to love tan, because it works great with my complexion and my hair color. What do you guys think? Do you like it?

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