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20 March, 2011

It seems that many of you liked the lovely Tsakiris-Mallas pumps, on my “Drama Queen” post, as a less expensive alternative to Brian Atwood’s Drama pumps (which are already sold out everywhere), so I decided to do another post. This post is to inform my readers who don’t live here in Greece and can’t find this brand elsewhere, that Steve Madden has done his own version to the Drama Pump (if you don’t already know it). It’s called Bevv-B and you can find it here and in various other online stores for 99.95$.

In my opinion it’s not as good as the Tsakiris-Mallas one, but it’s pretty close to the real one too. However Steve Madden’s Bevv-B doesn’t have its platform hidden.

Photos taken from

Another alternative to the Drama pumps is this one, from Topshop.

Pictures taken from Topshop

The shape of the shoe looks almost exactly like the Drama. The only difference is that Topshop’s SPEAR Apricot Contrast Heel Platforms, have a silver heel instead of a black one and the cut of the silver leather is also different. Its price is at £68. I found this pair, thanks to and their great section Real vs. Steal, which does an amazing job, giving us cheaper alternatives, to our favourite designer shoes and many more. You should definitely visit their website, to find out more.

Also, while browsing on net-a-porter the other day I found this pair too:

Pictures taken from net-a-porter

They are Versace with approximately 115mm heel and their price is 390€. Not very cheap, but not too expensive either. I know that they don’t look a lot like Dramas, but they share the same idea, nude patent-leather pumps, with a contrast heel. So if you are looking for spring-summer shoes, why not choose a pair with a white heel instead of a black one? 🙂

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