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Mint & floral 6- outfit -

Hello my dear readers, how are you? I know that most of you might be on holidays, but I really wanted to upload an outfit post today. I’ll probably post another one next week though. I’ll have to be honest! This is definitely not one of my favorite outfits. You see, I really wanted to wear these shoes, because I hadn’t worn them all summer, but I decided not to go with my first instinct which was to wear them with a dress, because I wanted to be more comfortable. But I didn’t like this combination much! The shoes and the bag though, are another story! These were my favorite pieces of the outfit, for sure. I used to love my platform sandals, but now I don’t think they are the most comfortable choice among my heeled pairs. I got more used to my non-platform shoes, but they still look gorgeous, for sure! What do you think?

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October 2014 | Wishlist

october 2014 - wishlist - DoYouSpeakGossip.comEvery year, around this time, I start thinking about winter fashion, and darker colors and hues. Last year, I was in love with gray again, while this year, I feel drawn to warmer hues and interesting prints, like hearts, stripes, and lots of leopard. And these colors are almost missing from my wardrobe, so it would be nice to have a few more of these items. Another thing, I would never imagine that I would like, yet I feel drawn to, is these slip-ons. I’m flirting with the idea of buying a pair in leopard print, or a black leather one for my casual outfits. They may be a nice and fresh note to my casual looks. Do you have yourself a favorite?

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Summertime sadness in mint and blue | Outfits

I must do something about my inability to find post titles, because I tend to spend more time trying to find a title for my posts than actually writing the text. This title sums up the color pattern of my outfit, and my feelings for this cloudy summer day. We took these photos before going out with T. but the lighting of them disappoints me. And even though it was only on my previous post I said that summer in Greece tends to stay until mid-October, that day I got the feeling that it won’t stay for that long. And it made me really sad, not only because I hate winter (and the change to winter time in the end of October), but also because as I told you, I’ve booked a vacation in the middle of September, and it would be great to finally enjoy the sea, or at least the pool for a few days, after a rather hot summer spent in my city. Anyway…I hope you enjoy these photos! I picked a really simple outfit to wear with my favorite Steve Madden sandals, and my huge D&G bag. Do you like it?

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New in | July garden party edition

As I told you on my last post, I bought a few things last Friday, and I had some delivered to me this Monday, so I had to make a post to show you my latest purchases. I didn’t want to make the usual post with plain photos of the things I bought, and since I had some free time on my hands a couple of days ago, I organized a garden party with elite guests: all of YOU! I really enjoyed the concept behind this photoshoot (despite the fact that I got bitten by a swarm of vicious mosquitos during it), and I hope you like it too. So, may I treat you to some fruits, or a delicious freshly baked piece of the first edition of Dan Brown’s “Inferno”? 🙂

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My shoe collection

Last month, I joined the Shoeper Shoe Challenge by, where I have to “save” all my shoes by wearing each pair at least once in duration of a year. If you’re wondering why, or if you simply want to read the rules in case you want to join as well (yes you can join whenever you like), you can click here. In order to join the challenge, I had to count my shoes, to find the total number…Also as an extra (optional) step, all who join are asked to take photographs of their shoe collection/shoe closet, simply for the joy of eye candy.

I counted 56 pairs then, (I have a few more, but I didn’t want them to be part of this challenge for personal reasons), but as you know my collection grew to 59 pairs last month. But let’s take it from the beginning…

This is my shoe collection of 56 pairs…

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