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26 October, 2011

Good morning my lovely readers! How was your week so far? As you may know, I’m on a trip to Nafplio for a few days, so this is a scheduled post. I hope to have many photos to show you when I get back. In the meantime, I’ll show you the ones from last week.

I was really busy last week, trying to do all the tasks I had on my mind, including the scheduling of these posts, and I wasn’t able to do another “My week in pics”.  But today I’ll combine them all in one post, to show you the highlights of my previous weeks.

Starting with, an amazing gift I received by my lovely blogger friend, Denise. She sent me so many stuff, and I was really excited to see what was in the package I received.

You can click on all of the pics to enlarge them

The package included: Aussie Shampoos and Conditioners (which she had told me that she was going to send me), plus 7 nails polishes from UK brands (like Barry M, Stay Perfect, 17 and miss sporty) and one amazing gold bracelet from Accessory Crossing (I didn’t know she was going to send those, so it was a big surprise for me). Thank you Denise!!! She’s the sweetest girl ever, and if you haven’t visited her blog yet, you must do it now.

Did some light shopping again, and came home with (what else?) some new nail polishes!

Most of them are glittery or pearly. Mommy agreed to be my model to show you how they look on the nails. Mine were already painted. (Sorry for the crappy painting on her nails, that was my fault). On the right, the nail polish I chose for my nails this week, a glittery rose gold one. And on top, from left to right, we have: No. 346 (pearly burgundy), No. 357 (glitter rose gold-on my nails), No. 347 (glitter silver), No. 394 (glitter goldish green) all by GT Cosmetics, and lastly mat finish nail polish by Tommy G (same company).

My other purchases were:

A white fur-look knitted sweater by Stradivarius, and a leopard print sweater by Zara. I also got a nice long necklace, which I forgot to photograph, but you’ll see it soon. (You can also see a preview of my haircut, nothing different, only shorter).

This post wouldn’t be complete without some food pics. Because, you know, I love food.

One of the nights I stayed in, I craved a fresh salad, so I opened my fridge and picked everything I liked in that moment. And I came up with something really yummy. You should try it sometime.

The salad included: some lettuce, tomato, sweet corn, slices of boiled turkey, kritharokoulouro (barley bread), some cottage cheese, and homemade oregano. The dinner was completed with a few gummy bears I found in our kitchen cabinet.

Another day, my mom made some yummy Avgofetes (French toast for my non Greek readers, or Poor Knights for some of you), and I had to include them in this post. Because whatever you call them, let’s face it, they’re delicious. Perfect for breakfast, or even dinner!

Another “My week in pics” post, ends here. Tell me your opinion by leaving a comment below. And feel free to follow my blog, any way you like!

Have a fantastic day, see you soon!


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28 comments on “My week in pics

  1. I love those sweater, the white one look amazing and the leopard is just stunning! I can’t wait to see you work on that, please let me know when you do! xx Joice

  2. I feel so honored! Thanks for mentioning me! I didn’t expect you to show what I sent! I just hope I sent what you like, as I said before!
    I love the color of the rose/gold nail polish! It’s amazing! I found it a balance between something with a great “twist” and elegant at the same time! You always know how to pick things like that!
    Believe it or not, when I saw the sweater (the white one) it looked like a metallic one you showed here once, from Zara. I liked it very much (the white one now!) and I liked the metallic one at the time. I went to Zara and then I saw it, but then I also saw it was not exactly for me. The metallic jeans I became obsessed with since I saw them here too, and the store didn’t have any (silver and gold), so I ordered one pair and… returned it! No, not for me…
    So that’s why I liked this white sweater very much now! It reminds me of the metallic one, somehow, but it’s more beautiful! I really love it!
    The food… miam miam… 🙂 I like toast, and looooove cottage cheese. Some Greek olives are missing! When I went to Greece I ate olives – and got in love with them! No olives in the world are as good as Greek olives!
    Home made oregano? Wow! Must be amazing!
    I hope you are having looooots of fun now!
    Filakia polla!!!!!!
    Denise recently posted..Container problems and "What I wore on Wednesday" new challengeMy Profile

    • Hello my dear Denise! I’m finally here so I can answer to your sweet comments.
      You sent me so many nice things, I had to show them! I hope you didn’t mind. I saw that you showed my nail polishes too, and your present was too cute, not to share. I already wore your bracelet on my trip, and started using these amazing shampoos and conditioners. Thank you so much!
      I decided not to buy the metallic sweater, cause they had short sleeves, and they were really wide instead of long. I didn’t try them on, and I might regret it, but they were 50 euros, and T. wasn’t so excited about them. He’s the voice of logic sometimes! 🙂 And I only saw the gold jeans at my Zara, not the silver ones, but wasn’t to excited about them either. I was too tired that day anyway.
      The white sweater, has something like feather, but not exactly. Can’t really describe it, but you’ll see it in my future posts too, cause I wore it on my trip. T. kept calling me little sheep! hehe
      To tell you the truth, I hate olives, I can’t even stand the smell of them. Too intense! So I didn’t miss them…hehe But the salad was delicious anyway. And the oregano, was produced in our garden. My mother planted it, and now we use it.
      Filakia polla! We’ll talk again soon!

  3. vlepo mia gemati k poli endiaferousa evdomada!to doraki ekpliktiko!sigoura 8a euxaristi8eis to ka8e ti pou perilamvanei!latrepsa tis apoxroseis sta mano,k autes apo to doro alla k autes pou kataferes na psoniseis!dn ksetrela8ika me to sweater ap ta zara,alla vrika poli gliko auto apo ta stradivarious!megeies!;)
    christina/ recently posted..Το Νέο Μου… ΠαλτόMy Profile

    • hahaha thank you! They are mostly from Greek brands, but those at the top, were a gift from my dear blogger friend Denise, all from UK. I haven’t tried them yet.
      Glad you liked my things! Don’t you have Zara or Stradivarius in Mexico?

    • hahaha Den nomizw na exw tosa polla! Na fantasteis fetos ksekinisa ksana ti sillogi mou giati ta palia xalasane siga siga k ta petaxa…ipothtetw girw sta 20-30, alla tha ta metrisw…mou evales idees… 🙂

  4. Great idea dear ! love this post ! actually the leopard is really hype this automn saw some last time in Paris !
    will take some salad ! yummi !
    your toast looks like what we called in France “le pain perdu” it’s mixed with milk and egg before toasting. Is it the same ?
    Take care, will check you on facebook, hope to see you around too.
    Grace.B recently posted..A propos de mon absenceMy Profile

    • Thank you! Yes, it’s exactly like that. The same thing! They are really tasty!
      Glad you liked my post! I’ll come by your blog as soon as possible! Just got back from my trip, and I have so many things to do! See you soon! 🙂

  5. Oh I loooove the bracelet Denise gave to you! It is so beautiful!!! And the nail polishes too! She has such a wonderful taste, you know, she sent me some things too and I totally loved the stuff!

    And the white sweater is totally my taste again! Love it!
    My-Fashion-Diary recently posted..HAPPY BIRTHDAYMy Profile

    • Thank you! Yes, I saw the stuff Denise sent you too, they are equally amazing! She has a great taste, indeed! 🙂
      Oh and forgot to say, that you’re going to see the white sweater in an outfit, really soon, as I wore it on my trip, and have some outfit posts to show you in the next weeks.

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