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30 November, 2011

As I told you on my last post, I decided to convert my “week in pics” posts, to “month in pics” ones. It’s easier for me, as I don’t write every day and let’s face it, an almost completely spent in my house week, isn’t so eventful.

So here we are, on my first month in pics post, in which I will show you the highlights of my month, in my opinion of course. Get prepared for lots of food pictures, as you know how much of a food lover I am. But you may not know yet, that I love to cook too. I don’t know many recipes, but I know how to cook the things I like.

So, my month started with me, seeing the pictures of my trip to Nafplio (see my previous posts here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7– wow I did so many posts!), and showing you my outfits, and the city.

Click on the pictures to enlarge

Can’t help it, it was a fantastic trip

Some “leftover” photos I forgot to post.
T. took some photos of me, while I was shooting the view from the harbor.

Almost wore my new pair of loafer pumps

And as I promised, I did a lot of cooking.

Starting with steaks, with fresh, sliced mushrooms in cream, and baked potatoes with feta cheese sauce on top. Delicious!

Love cooking for my loved ones, especially when I have my little helper T. near me. 🙂

And for dessert, we made:

Apple crumble pie, with vanilla sauce and cinnamon on top. Mmm can’t get enough.

I also left him another dessert in the fridge.

Easy cheesecake in a glass. Easy indeed and so delicious.

For the end I left another dish which I made in my home.

A variation of Croque Madame (which is in fact a variation of Croque Monsieur). I made mine with beef burger instead of ham, grilled bread, cheese, and a fried egg on top of it.

Ok, ok, I know I showed you too many food pictures, but lately I’m always in the mood for cooking. And if the inner glass of my oven’s door hadn’t broken into pieces, I would have cooked even more. Wait for more food pictures next month. Can’t help it! It’s my passion too!

Oh, and I also bought some new fashion related stuff this month. Click here to see them in my previous post, if you haven’t already. Cooking wasn’t the only thing I did. 🙂

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29 comments on “My month in pics

  1. Your food looks so good! Apple crumble is one of my favourite desserts in the world 😉 I find it really therapeutic to cook, it’s a lot of fun. Also, I might have mentioned before but the loafer pumps look really hot!
    Steph recently posted..Fall colours in SpringMy Profile

    • Thank you Steph!!! It was soooo good. Unfortunately I only managed to eat one piece of it, cause I left it on my bf’s house for him. But I will make one for me, hopefully really soon. Damn oven door. And yes it’s really therapeutic…. 🙂

  2. po po mou anoikses tin oreksi!!! lai ti den tha dina na mou ferei kapoios etoimo spitiko fagito sto krevati (opou koitomai arrosti kai avoithiti apo xthes – entaksei entaksei ypervallo :P)
    filia polla!
    christina recently posted..Party Nails!My Profile

    • hahaha…kaimenoula kai esi pou eisai arrwsti sto spitaki…Perastika sou! Sou euxomai na gineis grigora kala, kai na se frontisoune kai na sou fernoune fagito sto krevati…

  3. Μόλις γύρισα από δείπνο και τα είδα και… ξαναπείνασα!!! Περιμένω φωτο με χριστουγεννιάτικη διάθεση 😉 xxx recently posted..Magenta feetMy Profile

    • haha ase kai egw to idio pathainw…Prepei na ftiaxtei sintoma to tzami tou fournou giati tha me katrastrepsei…Dekemvrio mina…kai thelw na ftiaxw ena karo glika… 🙂 Otan kanw kai ta melomakarona mou tha anevasw fwtografies..

    • Thank you very much Alina!
      Actually there’s no exact recipe that I use to do mine. I just mix the ingredients, and put as much sugar as I want to. But the only similar recipe in English I found online was this one: … It’s really similar.
      The only differences are that, I don’t use flour in the feeling, I used white sugar (but I guess it would be great with brown sugar as well), and I don’t use specific measurements. Also, I prefer the butter for the crumble to be right out of the fridge, cause you can work it better with the flour, as it doesn’t melt on your hands.
      Buy the vanilla sauce from an IKEA store, the food shop at the exit. Or you can use whatever else you like.

  4. I loooove this column now, Month in Pics! I loved your first month in pics, with the Nafplio highlight!!!! Fantastic pictures and such a great trip!
    The loafers/pumps are simply faaaaaabulous!!!! Can’t wait to see you wearing them, to see the outfit you will choose! (definitely a fabulous one too! I know!)
    And the food? Ok, just got two ideas from your pictures now! Thanks for that! I need the easy cheese cake recipe, pleeeeeeeeease! I loved that idea and I know someone who will love that too…
    You look like a very successful business woman in the first picture! Having her holidays at her lovely house in the south of Greece – I know it was that lovely hotel, but the picture reminded me of some we see in posh magazines!
    Then a super posh photographer in the second and third pictures! Taking some photos for the magazine I just mentioned 🙂 !!!
    I am sure your month now will be even greater! Filakia pollaaaaaaaa!
    Denise recently posted..Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 94My Profile

    • And now I saw that I didn’t reply to this comment before I reply to the next one. I’m so so tired and busy these days. With the grandma and all. Trying to decorate the house and the garden for Christmas, and making some new sweets for these days. I made some cupcakes today, most of them, like the ones I showed you the last time, but I made some with peanut butter frosting, a new recipe for me. Totally delicious. I don’t know if you like peanut butter. Anyway, to the subject.
      Thank you so much for your comment. I have a better cheesecake recipe, but I’ll share that one when you come to Greece. hehe This one is really simple. I used Digestive cookies for the base, and then mixed 1 cream cheese, 1 yogurt, and 1 tablespoon of confectioner’s sugar. It’s really easy just mix them with a spoon. You can use light versions to avoid calories. And as for the topping, you mix your marmelade of preference with a little bit of water and put it on top of the cream cheese part. Really simple, right? I think you’ll love it.
      And now reading your comment again you put a smile on my face! 🙂 hehe Thank you again.
      Filakia polla!!!

  5. Mmmmmmm yummmiiiieee the apple crumble pie looks so delicisous! In fact I didn’T knew this pie until I saw it in your post, but I could eat it right now! I’d love the have the recipe 🙂
    My-Fashion-Diary recently posted..Augen aufMy Profile

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