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27 November, 2011

Good morning my dear readers. I hope you had a nice weekend so far, and a great Thanksgiving, those of you who celebrate it.

Recently I bought some new stuff from Zara, and I wanted to share them with you. It was, finally, time to show you something else apart from outfit pics from Nafplio. Although, I may have to show you a few more, in a later post, as I’m flirting with the idea of making my “Week in pics column” into “my month in pics”, which is more realistic, as I usually post every 3 days.

Anyway, here are my recent purchases, which I love.

Starting with this amazing sequined clutch/wallet, which I’ve seen all over the internet, the past month, and which couldn’t go unnoticed. Sequins are such a huge trend this season, and even though I was hesitant at first, I finally gave in to this “madness”.

Found it on Zara, for 35.95€.

And as you can see, I also couldn’t resist buying a starry shirt, another huge trend from this season.

Bought this shirt on Zara too, for 35.95€.

Here are two more pics for you.

I already wore this one, but with all the fuss with my grandma and all, I wasn’t in the mood for photos.

Another great find at Zara, was this big black bag with leopard details on the sides. I bought it on another stroll at Zara, when I was searching for something else I couldn’t find. It is 49.95€, and you can have a closer look at it here.

And you? What were your recent purchases? Got anything on Black Friday? Show us what you got.

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57 comments on “New in my closet

  1. Me geia!!! Einai ola poli omorfa, tin tsanta ti ligoureuomai ki egw, alla pros to paron moirazomaste mia idia kainourgia agora 🙂 To poukamiso!
    Waiting for your outfit posts with these 🙂

    • S’euxaristw poli! Kai egw tin ligourevomouna kairo tin tsanta, kai epeidi den vrika auto pou ithela eipa na agorasw toulaxiston auti…k i timi tis einai poli kali gia to megethos tis…Wraio kai poli voliko to poukamisaki…Megeia kai se sena loipon! 🙂

  2. Κατ ‘αρχήν Following you!Κατά δεύτερον ζηλεύω πάρα πολύ γιατί μου αρέσουν όλα!Ειδικά η μεγάλη τσάντα!Τέεεεεεεεεεεεελεια όμως!
    Φιλιά πολλά
    Dena Tsal recently posted..BRIGHT NEON SUNMy Profile

    • S’euxaristw para poli Dena, kai gia to comment kai gia to follow! Tha perasw poli sintoma apo to blog sou na to dw kai na se kanw follow back! 🙂
      I tsanta pantws gia to megethos tis, einai arketa oikonomiki, sta 49.95euro.

  3. Πολύ ομορφες οι αγορές σου! Λατρεύω αυτό το πουκάμισο! Αυριο κιόλας θα δω αν είναι διαθέσιμο και στο Zara της περιοχής μου! Το Blog είναι πολύ ωραίο και σε ακολουθώ! Αν έχεις χρόνο πέρασε και από το δικό μου! Θα χαρώ πολύ αν σου αρέσει!

    Elsa recently posted..Versace For H&M Volume 2My Profile

    • Ti foveri simptwsi! Molis imouna sto blog sou, pou to vrika mesw enos allou blog kai koitousa ta post sou! Se ligo tha sou afina kai egw comment.
      S’euxaristw para poli, kai gia to comment kai gia to follow. Poli xairomai pou sou arese to poukamiso mou…Makari na to vreis kai esi…
      Filia! 🙂

  4. Amazing things! I loved the blouse and the clutch too!!!!!!! Well, I loved everything in fact, the bag as well!!!! Can’t wait to see you wearing the clutch!
    I hope your grandmother is OK now, is she? I really hope so! She needs to relax, to get stronger! It’s so sweet the way it is in our countries! Grandmothers are taken care at home! Mine was too. In other countries, although I won’t judge, of course… cultures are different, we can’t judge, but I saw grandmothers of friends who had bad health problems (the grannies), and the families sent them to some “care centers”, to live there forever. But not in our countries, and I find it nice this way, to have our grandmothers with us.
    What I bought? Well, I bought a pair of shoes, a belt and jewellery (I like it!), soon you will see them… yesterday I saw two bracelets I am sure you would like (and thought of you) and this week I will certainly buy some other things… I will let you know!
    But I won’t buy at Zara anymore. I know I am just one client, but anyway, it’s a matter of honor. I bought the metallic jeans online, they weren’t that good, I sent them back and now they told me they can’t find my parcel. They have stolen from me £44 and they told me they won’t refund me. So, they lost a client.
    Online they really had a bad service, in my opinion!
    Filakia polla!!!!!!!!
    Denise recently posted..Inspiration Monday and Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 90!!!!My Profile

    • Aww that’s so sad that they said they lost the parcel and that cost you your money. It’s definitely bad service. I don’t shop online though. I don’t even own a credit card. I don’t trust myself with them. hehe
      My grandmother is better. Thank you so much for asking. She’s getting better every day. Now she can stand up by herself but we still take care of her. We don’t want her to fall again. Yes, I know about “care centers”, we have them here too. But she was already living with us, in the same house, in her own floor though. The only difference it that we took her in our floor with us to take better care of her.
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I’m glad you liked what I bought. I ‘m not sure how to wear the clutch yet, but I’ll figure it out. I would like to see what you bought too. I’m sure everything is fantastic. But you know how much I like looking at shoes. hehe
      Filakia polla Denise! We’ll talk again soon.

  5. the paiette bag is stunning!!!!!
    wow!! i like this post! 8)
    On my blog there’s a fashion competion!! don’t miss it!! 8)
    You can win the title of “most fashinable comment” and a special mention.
    if you like my blog follow me!! I always follow back <3

  6. love the star blouse. i had my eye on one, but when i finally saw it in person, it had a weird seam in the back. kinda bummed. this one is really nice.

  7. I love everything and that purse is amazing it looks like the one the blogger Dulce candy has!! (don’t know if you know her but you should check it out 😉 ) LOVE it!!

    • Thank you very much! Yes, I know Dulce, I saw the same bag on her blog too, but I had already bought mine a week ago. I think that many bloggers has the same one, as many of the things that Zara sells. 🙂

  8. OOO!Megia megia! Nai arxika upirxe to,to opoio itan to 1o blgo pu anoi3a kai to leitourgousame mazi me tin Chrysa. Stin poria ithela na kanw kati edelws diko mou pou na min periorizete mono se moda opote anoi3a to ifigeniainthecity. Kapoia apo ta arthra pou ipirxan sto athens2thess (apo ta dika mou arthra ennow) skeftomai na ta trabi3w kai sto ifigenia apla gt mou aresan poli otan ta eftiaxna 🙂

    • S’euxaristw poli Ifigeneia! Nai gi’auto to blog elega kai egw…Giati eida oti exei tis idies fwtografies me ta manicure kai paraxeneutika…Gi auto eipa na se rwtisw…Kala tha kaneis…Ama sou aresoune…
      Filia…Tha ta xanapoume!

  9. Thank you so much for all your fantastic comments girls! You don’t know how happy they made me feel. It’s so nice to see so many comments to approve first things in the morning. It makes my day. 🙂
    I hope you like my new post too. I’m going to publish it in a few minutes, so stay tuned!

  10. I’m a handbag freak myself. I find your selection absolutely gorgeous. My motto is the more outrageous the better 🙂

  11. Hi there. I’m really interested in this Zara shirt but it’s impossible for me to find at this time, 2 years after it’s still in stock. 🙁 So whenever you want to sell it, please contact me.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Phuong! This is currently one of my favorite shirts, so unfortunately I don’t sell it. But if I ever decide to, I’ll contact you for sure.
      However, I’m planning to launch an e-shop with some second hand items of mine soon, so stay tuned in case you’re interested in any of them.

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