My week in pics – Nafplio edition

4 November, 2011

Good morning dear readers! How was your week? It’s finally Friday, and I know many of you are really happy about it.

Today I’ll present you with one more “My week in pics”, which this time consists of photos of my trip to Nafplio. I know that so far this column doesn’t have a standard day of the week to be published, (as I don’t write daily on this blog, cause that would be difficult for me), but I’ll try to work it out in the future, if I’m going to continue writing it.  Maybe I should try posting more often than 2-3 times a week.

Anyway, I have many outfits from my trip to show you in my future posts, but I thought it would be better to start with showing you some miscellaneous pictures instead. So you can get a picture of the place I’ve been last week, and for me to keep some kind of a scrapbook to remember it.

Huge post alert! Lots of pictures too!

Starting with, the buildings:

Click on all the pictures to enlarge

These are some of the buildings of the old town where I was staying. Probably renovated ones, but still looking traditional, and in really nice colors.

Some small pensions and the war museum at the bottom right… Really nice buildings…

I was staying in an amazing hotel as well, in an old renovated house, with only 6 rooms and suites, which were perfectly decorated. It’s the second time in 2 years, I visited Nafplio, and I liked this small hotel so much, that I had to stay there again.

You can see from the outside, that it has an Italian theme, and name (il Palazzo), as it’s painted in red and green. If you ever visit Nafplio, I definitely recommend it to you…If you want to see more pictures of it; just visit its website here. You will not be disappointed. And no, this is not an advertisement, just a satisfied customer.

The old city of Nafplio is full of small alleys, traditional buildings, and lots of stairs. Don’t believe me? Here’s a pic for you…

Yes, I went up and down on those many times during my stay. Great exercise! And a much needed one, after all the food, coffees and sweets I devoured while I was there.

But look at them…

Can you blame me? They were all delicious! And this is a really small sample. I was too busy eating my food to take pictures.

In this pic: penne with 4 cheeses, Chilino (a mix of white chocolate and oreo cookies), and a double cappuccino. The 2nd one was T’s.

However, I wasn’t too busy to photograph those yummy cupcakes. After all it’s a must for bloggers, a blogger’s cliché if you like.

Top left pic: me with a super delicious red velvet cupcake, my favourite of all.
In the middle, from top left and clockwise: Red velvet, midnight with oreo cookies, Vanilla (2 of them), Blueberry, and caramel cupcakes.
At the bottom: red velvet again, lemon, special of the day (chocolate with orange topping), and peanut butter.
On the right: me eating the special of the day one, and on the bottom of all, the store with all the cupcakes, cookies, and cakes. I ate a peanut butter cookie as well, and it was perfect. I should learn how to make them.

Moving on to pictures without food as I’m getting hungry again…

Some pics with a great view of the sea, and Akronafplia….

On the last pic: the castle of Bourtzi.

Lastly, some pics from the Palamidi fortress

On top left, the view of Nafplio from the fortress of Palamidi.

I have so many more pictures, but I already tired you far too much with these. I hope you clicked on them to enlarge them, cause the view was marvellous. If you want to see more pictures of Nafplio, and Akronafplia, you can visit an amazing site I found, here. Wish I had seen it before my trip.

Enough for today though. See you in a few days with an outfit post from Nafplio.

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32 comments on “My week in pics – Nafplio edition

  1. Amazing! I was so much waiting for that! And I totally loved it! Ever since you mentioned Nafplio I said to myself “I want to go there!” You know how much I love Greece and I am longing to go there again! As a coincidence, this week I watched a program here that talked about Nafplio and I immediately thought of you!
    The pictures you took are marvellous, I loooove cities like that – these amazing colorful houses! And I loved the hotel you stayed, on the stairs, simply fantastic!
    Hehe, the food looks very delicious, indeed, what to say about the cupcakes… I loooove them! Oh, my, I love everything that is veeery sweet!
    I’m doing the Insta-Friday, but my week was not so amazing, although I did many things I had to – thank God, moving myself a bit, it was about time!!! Next weekend I will be in London, and again there’ll be lots to do, let alone when I fly on the 14th (and times flies soooo fast! Oh-my-God!)
    I loved your post, and thanks for sharing the pictures… I could dream of being there again (in the country, I mean), and I will work on that for early next year for sure!!!
    Filakia polla and a super weekend for you!!!!
    Denise recently posted..Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 81My Profile

    • Hey Denise! I’m so happy you liked my pictures! The city of Nafplio is truly amazing. You should definitely visit it, if you come to Greece, and of course if you like smaller cities like this one. And what a coincidence again, with the program you watched about Nafplio.
      It was really different this time, less walking, more pictures taking, and more relaxation. We even stayed in one night. But it was amazing. Wish it was closer to my city though. It took us more than 8 hours with our car to go there, and of course we had to make some stops too. And on the way back to Thessaloniki, we went for a coffee with some friends in Athens, and it took us 14 hours to return home. Totally tired and sleepy. Poor T. had to drive for so many hours.
      I hope you can come to Greece next year if you have some time. That will make me so happy! 🙂
      Filakia polla and have an amazing weekend as well! 🙂

    • S’euxaristw para poli…Exw travixei toooses polles fwtografies apo Nafplio…Exeis na deis polles akoma…an kai kiriws me outfit..Den thelw na kourasw ton kosmo…Idi evala para polles sta kollaz…
      To verniki einai ap’tin elliniki etaireia GT Cosmetics an endiaferesai…Mporeis na to vreis sta Hondos Center, kai einai ontws poli wraio kai idiatero xrwma..eidika otan to xtipaei o latrepsa! 🙂

  2. These pictures are great, the city looks amazing 🙂 I love the tiny streets and all that :). And you organized the photos, I love the tape in the corners it looks so cute! And you are totally right about cupcakes, we bloggers can’t get enough of that ;)!

    • Thank you sooo much! It’s so nice to see that someone is paying attention to the little details (like you did by seeing the tape in the corners!). 🙂 I wanted to make it look like a scrapbook!
      hehe I know about the cupcakes! It’s true! They are yummy and so cute to look at.

  3. Oh my gosh!!!! ….your blog is stunning!!!! 😉 😉
    I love this post….becouse it’s really interesting….!!!! 🙂



    • Yeyyy…poli xairomai pou eftiaxe! Na pas, einai para poli wraio…kai einai kai pio konta se sas ap’oti se mena..An emena kai egw Athina, tha pigaina sinexeia…

  4. Για το versace που λες, και μένα αυτή ήταν η πρώτη αντίδραση: πολύ χρώμα και κακό ρε παιδί μου (ξέρεις τώρα, εγώ αγαπάω μονοχρωμίες, απλά outfit, άσπρο μαύρο και δε συμμαζεύεται)… όμως αν τα ξανακοιτάξεις κολλάς…θέλω οπωσδήποτε την παρδαλή τσάντα με τους φοίνικες και το λεοπάρ, αν και θα έπρεπε να επενδύσω σε καμιά μαύρη καλύτερα. (έχω ΤΟΣΕΣ μαύρες τσάντες κι έχουν αρχίσει να χαλάνε οι καταραμένες. αν ξαναπάρω τσάντα από alexi andriotti να με στήσετε στον τοίχο, παρακαλώ)
    emelia recently posted..South ParkMy Profile

  5. Πήγα κι εγώ ημερήσια στο Ναύπλιο και σε σκέφτηκα…γι’αυτο και σήμερα που μαζεύτηκα επιτέλους μπήκα να δω αν έχεις ποστάρει φωτογραφίες!!
    Είναι πολύ ωραίες…κι εγώ παρατηρούσα τα κτίρια, μου αρέσουν πολύ τα νεοκλασικά, αλλά ψιλοβαρέθηκα να βγάλω πολλές φωτογραφίες!!! Όπως καταλαβαίνεις κι εγώ στο blog μου, αύριο για το Ναύπλιο θα γράψω 😛
    Φαντάζομαι πέρασες υπέροχα!
    Anna recently posted..Theodoros Savopoulos: From Athens To HollywoodMy Profile

    • S’euxaristw poli Anna! 🙂 Nai exei ontws poli wraia ktiria, tis prwtes meres koitousa sinexeia psila otan perpatousa gia na ta apolausw hehe…Ase evgala panw apo 1000 fwtografies..alla den perimena kai kati ligotero…
      Perimenw loipon na dw kai to diko sou post gia to Nauplio..exw polla akoma na postarw egw….Nai, perasa poli kala! Elpizw to idio kai esi!

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