View from above – Palamidi fortress

Hello my lovely readers! How is everyone? Today I have to show you one more post with photos of my trip to Nafplio (yes, you’re going to see a few more posts about it), and more specifically from the fortress of Palamidi. On my first post about my trip, I shared with you some of the pics I took from the fortress. It’s on a really high hill, and it has an amazing view. You can either climb its 857 steps from the town to the fortress (locals say it’s 999 steps), or you can go straight to the top, by car. I chose the 2nd way, as I’ve already climbed it once, many years ago. Moreover, there are hundreds more steps inside the fortress.

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My week in pics – Nafplio edition

Good morning dear readers! How was your week? It’s finally Friday, and I know many of you are really happy about it.

Today I’ll present you with one more “My week in pics”, which this time consists of photos of my trip to Nafplio. I know that so far this column doesn’t have a standard day of the week to be published, (as I don’t write daily on this blog, cause that would be difficult for me), but I’ll try to work it out in the future, if I’m going to continue writing it.  Maybe I should try posting more often than 2-3 times a week.

Anyway, I have many outfits from my trip to show you in my future posts, but I thought it would be better to start with showing you some miscellaneous pictures instead. So you can get a picture of the place I’ve been last week, and for me to keep some kind of a scrapbook to remember it.

Huge post alert! Lots of pictures too!

Starting with, the buildings:

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