January’s wishlist

3 January, 2012

Good morning my dear readers! I hope you had a fantastic time during the Holidays! Happy New Year to each and every one of you! May 2012 bring you health, love and happiness!

Continuing with my regular schedule, as the first post of every month, I prepared for you my wishlist for January. It also happens to be the first post of 2012 on my blog so let’s hope it proves to be lucky. At first I didn’t have anything on my mind for this wishlist, but as I started searching for items, I found so many that would fill whole pages. So I’ll just show you the usual 5 I like the most at the moment, and I’ll show you the rest on another post.

1. Valentino studded suede ankle boots, 469€ on sale.

Photos taken from Net-a-Porter

The sales have started and most prices have gone down. I wish I had all the money in the world to buy the things I like. I liked these ankle boots mostly because they are studded, and I also like them because they’re not extremely high, as I usually prefer my shoes to be, and they’re brown, a color that I need to add in my wardrobe. They are a little bit expensive, and apart from that they are sold out in my size. But if you like them, click here to check if your size is still available.

2. Giuseppe Zanotti Embellished suede and leather slingbacks, 980€.

Photos taken from Net-a-Porter

Yes, I know they are extremely expensive, but let me explain. I created this column not only to show you the things I want to/could buy, but also to show you the things I would love to buy but for some reason (money in this case obviously) I can’t. But I like to dream of them, so I put them on my blog. Every year I have a huge crush on a particular shoe designer. 2 years ago it was Christian Louboutin, last year it was all about Brian Atwood (ok maybe Yves Saint Laurent too, but way lower than Atwood) and this year I have a huge crush on Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. I find their shape really really sexy…the heels, the platform, their curves…oh ohhh I’m in trouble. I’m sure that if they cost much lower I would do anything to make them mine. If you love them too, and you can afford them, click here. And by the way, if you can, I hate you! *angry/sad face* No, no I’m joking, I only envy you! Hehe

3. Steve Madden Viktoree pumps, 129.95$.

Photos taken from Steve Madden

They were brought to my attention by another blogger, since I saw her wearing them on her blog. If I had just seen the pictures alone, I wouldn’t really like them, but when worn they look gorgeous! They are really high and they remind me of Christian Louboutin’s Daffodils which I adore, but in the mary-jane version. I would love to own them.

4. Bershka faux fur belted vest, 35.99€

Photos taken from Bershka

Oh yeah, that’s a surprise, this is not a shoe. I guess you didn’t expect that.  I’m searching for the perfect fur vest for months, and I’ve seen so many I’m confused. This one seems really nice; it has a belt and a really good price. I’ll make sure to check it out next time I go to Bershka.

5. Bershka lace up ankle boots, 49.99€.

Photos taken from Bershka

Another pair of shoes, specifically ankle boots, again in brown color. But this time it’s a more red/burgundy brown than the other brown of the ones above. I really like it and its price is really nice, so if our paths cross I won’t forget to try it on. I would love to add it to my collection.

Did you like my wishlist? Do you have any favourites? As I promise, I’ll soon make a post about my holidays that I didn’t fully include in my previous “month in pics”. In the meanwhile you can follow me on Facebook, which I started updating more often, with pics of my everyday life and things to come soon on the blog.

Thank you very much for being here. I’ll be waiting for your comments!

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48 comments on “January’s wishlist

  1. καλή χρονιά!! σου εύχομαι ότι καλύτερο για το 2012!
    αυτά τα Giuseppe Zanotti πολύ ωραία βρε παιδάκι μου…χάζευα προχθές 2 ζευγάρια με στρασάκια στη βιτρίνα της Καλογήρου…κι είχα τον αδερφό μου να με ρωτάει γιατί είναι τόσο ακριβά!!!!
    Επίσης ευχαριστώ για το tag στο post “Top 11 of 2011″…η πλάκα είναι ότι διάβασα για τα προϊόντα, αλλά δεν προχώρησα παρακάτω να δω ότι με είχες κάνει tag… 😛
    Anna recently posted..Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector ReviewMy Profile

    • S’euxaristw poli Anna! Kali xronia kai se sena! Kai egw thelw na perasw apo Kalogirou na ta xazepsw ligo! Kathe fora pou pernaw ap’ti vitrina tous kollaw! Nomizw oloi oi antres tin idia erwtisi mas kanoune! 🙂

  2. I’m in love with the Valentino heels and fur vest! I wish I had all the money in the world to shop too, haha. Sales always make it so tempting and I have to remind myself to stick to my budget.
    Steph recently posted..Aztec printMy Profile

    • I always have to remind myself to stick to my budget. The good thing for my wallet is that we don’t have so many stores in my city that store these expensive designer brands. And if we had they would have been much more expensive. If I ever go to USA I’m going to buy many pairs to bring here. They are less expensive there.

  3. Hi sweetie! Happy new year full of wonderfull posts! Love the Valentino ankle boots! They are perfect for many occasions! Zannotti shoes are amazing! I have two pairs and I am so in love with them! Very unique!

    Many Kisses
    Elsa recently posted..Happy New Year!My Profile

    • Thank you! Happy New Year to you too!
      Oh you have two pairs? You’re one of the lucky ones! I have my eyes on a pair too. I “need” to buy a pair of Zanottis asap! hehe 🙂

  4. I, of course, looooved your wishlist! So let’s start:
    At first, I loved the Valentino ankle boots, until I saw the Bershka ones. I know it sounds ridiculous, but taste is taste! And the price tag, such a difference! I guess I’m changing… before I always picked the most expensive items, without knowing the price.
    I loved the Bershka fake fur vest too! Really beautiful!
    If I had to choose one item for you, I would pick the GZ slingbacks. I don’t know, I simply see you wearing them! They are so beautiful, so elegant, and you know I find you very elegant!
    I’m not such a fan of slingbacks, but I really loved those ones!
    Great wishlist and I’m looking forward to seeing your next outfits, like “1st outfit of the year”!
    Filakia polla!
    Denise recently posted..Beginning of the year’s memeMy Profile

    • Thank you Denise! It doesn’t sound ridiculous at all! In fact the same thing happened to me. I loved the Valentinos and then I saw the Bershka ones, and I was confused, because I liked their shape more. And they are much more affordable.
      I wish I could buy those Zanottis. Even though I have my eye on those pair I showed on one of my previous wishlists, the purple ones, or green or leopard, I don’t mind the color. hehe As long as they’re Zanottis. I’m not a big fan of slingbacks either. They are not so easy to walk in.
      As for the 1st outfit of the year, it will come soon, but I have to show you some more holiday pictures first. The picks I took of the outfit, were terrible. And I’m thinking about whether I’m going to post them, or take the pics again. But I’m really lazy so I don’t know. I have some more days to think about it.
      Filakia polla!

    • S’euxaristw poli gia to link…tha ta dw lian sintomws…
      Ta dika mou tha ta deis sto epomeno post mou, mazi me ta ipoloipa glikakia pou eftiaxa, so stay tuned! 😉

  5. The studded Valentino’s are amazing. And like you said their height seems wearable and “walkable” 🙂 And as for the expensive taste, I think that if the majority of bloggers, posted only the items we can afford, then we would post the same and same brands all the time ( and we all know which brands are those)
    many kisses

  6. Your taste in shoes is almost exactly like mine! I’be been lusting over those Steve Maddens for some weeks, haven’t decided if I want black or beige but they are lovely, the Zanotti’s would be perfect wedding shoes don’t you think?

    Cess O. <3
    CessOviedo recently posted..The Cape…My Profile

    • hehe I noticed that too. It’s good to find bloggers with the same taste…
      I would definitely go for the beige version. They look so much better. I haven’t seen them in my country though, but I’ll keep an eye on them.
      And you’re right about the Zanottis. If I ever get married I would definitely splurge on the shoes! hehe

  7. Great wish list. I love anything with fur and that vest looks awesome!

    Hope you had a great New Year. Please check out my blog for a review of V Nunes jewelry 😉

    • S’euxaristw poli! Xairomai pou sou arese! Nai auta ap’ta Bershka einai arketa oikonomika! Sintoma tha paw sta magazia na ta dw! Kai pou na arxisoune kai oi ekptwseis…

  8. Teleio to post sou, latreuw k egw louboutin gia mena einai ta pio omorfa pappoutsia pou uparxoun, me ton guissepe na erxetai deuteros. o atwood teleios alla den sugkrinete me louboutin, ta pappoutsakia pou dialexes theika k me vazeis ston peirasmo na thelw na ta parw k na mhn mporw logw to oti einai panakriva.
    theika zeugaria pappoutsia.
    exw kanei ena kainourio post sto blog mou pou legete :different is beautiful.
    ennowntas oti eimaste oles mas panemorfes kai tha eprepe na exoume autopepoithish kai na niwthoume wraies etsi akrivws opws eimaste, kai epishs ennowntas oti den xreaizete na exeis ta teleia xarakthristika gia na eisai thea, des apla to modelo pou dialexa na deixw, mporeis na exeis “ateleies” kai na eisai gohteutikh.
    nomizw k esy tha sumfwnhseis me to post auto.
    perimenw ta gluka sou comment.
    Marianne M. recently posted..Being different is beautifulMy Profile

    • S’euxaristw poli Marianne mou! Kalos o Louboutin, alla den kserw m’exei piasei kollima me ton Atwood ta teleutaia xronia! Ton Louboutin ton sinithisa pia, an kai eida merika zeugaria teleutaia pou einai poli high stin lust list mou! hehe Alla ontws einai panakriva ta pio wraia!
      The perasw sintoma loipon na dw kai egw to post sou!

  9. I totally share your Giuseppe Zanotti love… I’m having to try and limit myself to posting one pair per week or so, because I could fill my entire blog with them so easily: these ones are absolutely gorgeous! I also saw the Steve Madden’s on Atlantic-Pacific (I think), and loved them… and I know what you mean, – I wouldn’t have really thought much of them from the image, but they look amazing on!
    Amber recently posted..PhotobombsMy Profile

    • Giuseppe Zanotti shoes are amazing! At least you recently got a pair! I’m so jealous! hehe I had my eye on another pair, which is more affordable, but still expensive. I’ll try to find it in my country, maybe on the upcoming sales.
      Does Blair from Atlantic Pacific has them too? I’m not sure. I saw them on Dulce Candy, and I think I also saw her wearing the Topshop extreme platform pumps you showed today, but she didn’t say their brand. And I was wondering until I saw your post.
      And yes, I just checked and and Blair from Atlantic Pacific did wear those Steve Madden’s too.

  10. apantwntas sto comment sou edw, ton christian louboutin den ton varieme pote k oute prokeite, gia mena auta den einai pappoutsia auta einai vgalmena apo paramuthia.
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    autes einai oi lame sumvoules mou.
    filia marianne
    Marianne M. recently posted..Being different is beautifulMy Profile

    • Den einai katholou lame oi simvoules sou! Exeis apolito dikio!
      Gia mena ta agglika itane mia glwssa pou pote den simpathousa, ekana para polla xronia na ti mathw giati pote den edina prosoxi…Osa ematha ta ematha moni mou, kai afou pira to profeciency, vlepontas para ma para polles amerikanikes seires, kai diavazontas pleon blogs….Katalavainw ta panta alla mou einai diskolo na ekfrastw giati ws twra den eixa xrisimopoiisei ti glwssa…Kai pali otan paw na milisw se allous face to face, kollaw asxima…Agxwnomai, ntrepomai, to xw auto genika….
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    • Exw, exw! hehe Thank you! 🙂
      Ase einai megali agapi ta papoutsia! Ama eixa perissotera xrimata tha xalousa ta perissotera ekei! Ola mia sinitheia einai gia to perpatima! Kai paizei kai poso kalo einai to papoutsi poiotika, i poso tairiazei sto podi sou!

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