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31 December, 2011

Hello my dear readers! Today is the last day of 2011, so this is my last post of this year…Are you excited about the New Year that’s coming?

This is my usual month in pics post, but you should expect another one with all the holiday pictures in a future post. So, let’s start:

This month, I decorated my house, my tree and my garden with Christmas lights. In the last pic you can see one of my first tries in creating bokeh effects with the lights of my Christmas tree.

Christmas lights in the garden and on the right my uncle’s tree in his garden.

This month I received some lovely gifts. First of all the necklace on the top pic was the prize I won from Rania’s giveaway on Nothing Like Fashion. The second gift was a kit of makeup brushes I wanted, that my aunt gave to me. It’s from Beauty Cycle by Amway. In the last pic, a house gift from a family friend: A Christmas cup and a platter.

Handmade Christmas ornaments that were brought to me a few years ago by my brother, from one of his trips to Innsbruck, Austria…

Some goodies I baked this month! There are a lot more but you’ll see them on the next post. I made cupcakes again, including new ones with peanut butter frosting, plus peanut butter cookies. And I gave some of them as a small gift to T. He loved them! 🙂 In the middle some yummy pasta my mother made: Farfalle with salmon and cucumber. Here’s a similar recipe if you’re interested.


This month, I managed to organize my closet, and put my winter clothes on the drawers. This is one of my closets in the middle of the “war”. The manicure I had in one of the outfit posts of this month. Some new things I bought from Oysho: new slippers (polar bears) and over-knee socks. Lastly, my kitten Moira on Christmas Day, being cuddled by my cousin.

So with these pics, I’ve finished my last post of 2011. I’m wishing you all a fabulous night and an even more fabulous year. May 2012 make all your wishes and dreams come true.

I’m sending lots of love to all of you! May this year be your best so far! 🙂 See you soon!

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37 comments on “My month in pics

    • S’euxaristw poli Marianne! Na’sai kala!
      Tha paw na to dw oso pio sintoma mporw! Autes oi meres itane poli diskoles kai exw meinei poli pisw sto blog reading mou….kai vasika kai sta replies sto idio mou to blog…Xairomai pou sou arese to game kai simmetixes kai esi…
      Filia polla, kali xronia, xronia polla! 🙂

    • S’euxaristw na’sai kala! Kai esi euxomai na exeis mia katapliktiki xronia, gemati agapi kai xaroumenes stigmes! Elpizw to 2012 na einai kalitero etos gia olous mas!
      Filakia polla! 🙂

  1. Happy new year my dear M.
    Wishes for 2012 to be full of months like the one you’ve posted, with creativity, gifts, people you love and health.

    • Thank you so much! That’s the greatest wish of all! Those are the only important things in life: health, dear friends, and lots of love! 🙂 I wish you have a fantastic year as well, filled with happy moments and love. May 2012 make all your wishes come true. Happy New Year!

  2. Finally I’m here commenting again! I hate to be absent, not commenting on your blog! So here I am!
    I told you, today I will talk about the award(s) and tag! They were very nice, in fact, I loved them! Thank you!
    I looooved the tree and the lights! Everything is so beautiful! I could get the Christmas atmosphere! Really wonderful! Especially for me, cause I didn’t have a tree last year. I hope I have one this year!
    The presents from Austria are so sweet!
    Now the necklace – oh my WOW, is the only thing I can say! Please, do wear it, it’s marvellous!
    The cup is also a sweet one, and how nice to have a present from a friend!
    So I loved your Month in Pics and I wish you a great 2012; may you have all the best always: love, health, friends, family together and keep on being the great girl and friend you are! I’m sure you’ll reach everything you want! (And count on me!!!)
    Filakia polla!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Denise recently posted..Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 108My Profile

    • Thank you sweety! I’m really glad that you’re more relaxed now too and you could comment on my blog. I’m happy you liked my Christmas tree. I really hope you have one next year. I didn’t have a Christmas tree for 2 years after I lost my father. My mother was not in a mood to decorate and I celebrated Christmas the first year by traveling to Sweden. And I only decorated a plant.
      I already wore the necklace 2 times, one of them for New Year’s eve. The pics I took are not so great but I’ll do my best to show it to you in a few days!
      Thank you thank you thank you for all your amazing wishes. I sincerely wish the same for you! You’re the sweetest! And you can always count on me too! 🙂
      Filakia polla!

    • S’euxaristw para poli Christina! Exw arketes akoma Xristougenniatikes fwto, alla tis kratisa gia epomeno post pou tha kanw kapoia stigmi me oles tis meres twn eortwn. Kai mena einai i agapimeni mou periodos!
      Xronia polla kai kali Xronia kai se sena! Elpizw to 2012 na sou ferei oti epithimeis!
      Filakia polla!

    • S’euxaristw para poli gia ta kala sou logia! Poli xairomai pou sou arese to blog mou! Exw kanei idi alla tosa glikakia distixws, kai thelw na ta xefortwthw gia na ksekinisw diaita to sintomotero. haha
      Kali Xronia kai eutixismeno 2012 kai se sena! 🙂

      • katarxas se euxaristo pou bikes sto blog mou!iparxei megali pithanotita na exoume to idio forema-fuck the bad analysis of my camera!-ti diaolo posa bez foremata me xrisi klosti mesa exi to zara?alla na sou po ena mistiko?mou kathete toso kala gt evala ti giagia na mou to dialisei kai na mou to 3anaftia3ei,ixe kati masxales terasties!exi poli periergo kopsimo!hehehehehhehe..oso g ta glikakia pou sou eipa sto proigoumeno comm,sto epomeno post mou tha valo kati cupcakes pou me megali perifania eftai3a,tha sou stilo link an thes xD an de xaroume tora ta glikapote tha ta xaroume?? xD filakia!!
        Marianna recently posted..HAVE A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!My Profile

        • Ennoeitai oti tha pernousa apo to blog sou! Panta to kanw!
          E tote nai, prepei na einai to idio…mia xara analisi exei i kamera sou, apla itane vradi gi auto den fainotane kala…kai egw to idio provlima eixa me tis vradines lipseis…
          Poli kali idea pou evales ti giagia sou na sou to xanaftiaxei…to ekane sta metra sou! Egw skeftomai mipws prospathisw na kerdisw merikous pontous sto makros…
          hehe kala kaneis kai xairesai me ta glikakia sou! Kai egw xairomai kathe fora pou ftiaxnw kati kai ta fwtografizw na ta thimamai! Fisika na m steileis to link…Kai egw mesa stin evdomada tha kanw allo ena post me diafora glikakia kai fagita pou kaname mesa stis giortes…
          Filakia! Tha xarw poli na se xanadw! 🙂

  3. First of all your cat is SO CUTE!!!! And so are the Christmas decorations from your brother 😉 And I really really love what you’ve done with the decorations on the curtains — I’ve never seen anything like it before! Looks like a great month 🙂
    Steph recently posted..Aztec printMy Profile

    • Thank you very much Steph! The idea with the lights on the curtains was my mother’s. We did it for the past 3-4 Christmas holidays. We used to decorate them with some cute bows, but it’s more difficult.
      I have some more holiday pics to show, but on another post. Going to upload my new post now! see you soon! 🙂

    • S’euxaristw poli ellaki! 🙂 Na’sai kala!
      Exw ena akoma post na kanw me polla akoma fagita kai glikakia kai loipes leoptomeries apo tis giortes!
      Kali xronia! Filakia polla!

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