New goodies in my closet

24 January, 2012

Those of you who follow me on Facebook and Twitter, already know that I went sales shopping a few days ago. I didn’t manage to find many things to buy, especially ones that are suitable for the season, but I did buy some things I wanted in good prices.

Almost all of the things I bought are from H&M, and some of them weren’t even on sale. Typical me! However the prices were really good to pass. So what did I buy?

A maxi summer dress in bright purple which I had my eyes on for a long time…I imagine wearing it from day to night. It was already cheap when I saw it but I bought it for 15euros. Yayyy!!

A bright green dress, which isn’t so formal or the best quality ever, but it can look good in many occasions. I’ll have to see if I should make some small alterations to fit me better.

And a polka dotted blouse with a nice peplum detail on the bottom. It looks so cute on! It also had a similar skirt, but decided to go only with the blouse.

I also bought some jewellery:


All 3, also from H&M! I wanted a necklace like this for a while and since its price was reduced to 3 euros each, I bought it both in silver and gold because I couldn’t decide. A great score, cause their starting price was almost 10euros.

I also bought this cute bracelet in gold.

Finally, I bought something that I’ve been thinking for a while and after a little search and the help of the sales, I bought a new pair of sunglasses. Yayy for me! It took me some years to decide it, but here they are:

I tried on some styles, even though I was thinking from the start to buy some Ray-Ban wayfarers, and I ended up with the folding version of those. They are so cute, and they can fit in this little box, which makes it a lot easier to take them with me wherever I go. So, be prepared to see me wearing them in a lot of pictures in the future. I know you must be tired of seeing me in the same old sunglasses of mine in all these photos, I know I was. In fact, I was going to buy one more pair, but unfortunately it was sold before I go back again to the store to buy them myself. And they were the perfect fit for my face. Something so rare for me! Anyway, I might try to find them elsewhere.

So, did you like what I bought?

I must remind you once more, that the giveaway for my blog’s first anniversary is still open, but you don’t have much time left. Only 2 days before it closes. So hurry up and take part to win! Just leave a comment on that post telling me how you follow me. There are going to be 3 winners, so your chances are high.


P.S. We’re going to change servers once this giveaway is closed, so my blog will be down for a few hours that day. I chose to do this in order not to lose some of your comments or emails in the process. Hope it won’t take a lot of time to move and everything will return to normal really soon. T. has it all covered! So I’ll try to make a post to announce the giveaway winners before our move to the new server, but I’m not sure I’ll make it. So if I don’t do it before, I will do it as soon as possible after my blog is up and running again. Thank you for your understanding. 

Have a fantastic day!



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39 comments on “New goodies in my closet

  1. I can definitely understand that it was the new collection that caught your eye! I have the same “problem”! I always dream of sales, but when I get to the actual stores I get caught up in the new season! I can’t help it! I think it’s the chaos of the clothes that are on sale that makes me want to opt for the -tidy- new season section..Or at least, that’s what I am telling myself! 😛
    Great buys! I especially love the bracelet and the green dress <3

    katoula from red rose cheeks
    katoula recently posted..Classic.My Profile

    • Thank you very much!
      Den tha mporouses na exigiseis kalitera auto pou pathainw kai egw! Isws ontws ftaiei to xaos pou epikratei sta katastimata kata ti diarkeia twn ekptwsewn, kai poso parapetamena einai ta ekptwsiaka se sxesi me auta twn newn sillogwn!

    • Leopard is a great idea! I would try to find something leopard to pair it with this green dress! Thank you!
      The wayfarers are really nice, and it’s so convenient that they are folding. I can take them everywhere with me even in the smallest bag.

  2. Πολύ ωραίες αγορές, με γεια σου! Ειδικά ξεχωρίζω το πράσινο φόρεμα και τα αξεσουάρ! Επίσης πολύ καλό αυτό το κόλπο με τα Ra yban! 😉

    Kisses xx
    Kate V recently posted..Feeling VintageMy Profile

    • S’euxaristw poli! Elpizw mono na min mou xalasoune grigora epeidi diplwnoune…Meta to skeftika!
      Nai to eida to blog tis Monkeyface kai stenaxwrethika giati kai mena mou areze poli, alla mporeis na tin vreis sto kainourgio tis blog me to pragmatiko tis onoma! Tin akolouthw kai ekei..Den einai to idio, alla mporei argotera na tis ksanaerthei i orexi gia outfit posts.

    • Thank you!
      However, no offense, but your comments always look so spammy! I don’t know if it’s because you don’t speak the language well, and I can definitely understand this, but you always leave similar comments that imply that you don’t even read my posts. I don’t know how you find it enjoyable, if you don’t even take some time to read them, and just scroll down to comment every time.
      I’m seriously thinking of putting the next ones on my spam folder, or removing your link from your comments, which by the way, isn’t even right. I have to edit it every single time to link to your blog.
      Sorry if I’m being too harsh, but I’m just so tired by these kind of comments.

  3. The necklaces are really pretty! I think I saw on Style Limelight today, it looks so nice on! Again I wish we had H&M here and 3 euro is such a bargain hehe. I love your Wayfarers too and I am going to check it out on the weekend 😉
    Steph recently posted..The “New” YearMy Profile

    • Thank you! Yes, H&M are fantastic, I love their clothes and accessories. I’m sure there will be a store there too, really soon! But you’re always welcome to come to Greece again and shop at our stores. hehe 🙂 And Yes Dena from Style Limelight has the necklace too. In silver, if I remember correctly.
      As for the Wayfarers, you should definitely check them out! 😉

  4. Poli omorfes agores! Eidika to mov forema einai teleio. Oso gia ta kosmimata apo to H&M ti na pw 🙂 Exoume parei ta idia an ki egw kinithika stous asimi tonous 🙂 Anipomonw gia ta outfit posts sou!

    • S’euxaristw para poli Tina mou! To mov forema einai kai mena to agapimeno mou! To koitousa poli kairo…Tha erthei sintoma i anoixi na to valw… hehe pou tha m paei…
      Megeia sou kai sena loipon, einai poli wraia kai ta pira kai ta dio giati itane poli kali prosfora kai eimai sigouri oti tha ta foresw poli sto mellon! Na’sai kala!
      Polla filia! 🙂

    • S’euxaristw para poli Christina mou! Nai ta gialia thimizoune ligo palies epoxes, alla einai toso glika kai volika mesa sti thiki tous…mporw na ta parw mazi mou pantou!
      To eida to giveaway, alla thewrisa oti den einai swsto na parw meros, mias kai exw idi tin BB Cream pou m stalthike gia to review. Kalitera na tin kerdisei kapoios pou den tin exei…Isws mou steiloune kai mena kapoies gia diagwnismo!

    • Thank you so much! Yes I loved the purple dress and its fringe. It’s so soft, and light, perfect for spring & summer. I’m happy you liked my things! 🙂

  5. Oh, I was out yesterday, to the eye doctor and visiting one of my mother’s friends, and I thought “M. has a post today”, but I didn’t “come” to the computer!
    Anyway, using it again now!
    And oh-my-God, you bought so many adorable things, everything is lovely!
    Starting: the polka dot top is so so sweet! I love it – just bought polka dot shoes, so, it’s obvious that I love polka dot pattern!
    Then the purple dress – such a great taste! And the price was fabulous!!!!!
    But I must confess I prefer green and that is my number 1 choice among your new items now!!!! It’s so elegant!
    The two necklaces, hehe, I do this too… when I can’t decide myself 🙂 The necklaces look amazing; I am sure you will be very classy and beautiful wearing them!
    And the glasses! I have almost the same, very old but loyal 🙂 I have to send a pic of when I was wearing them – guess where? In Greece! Unforgettable!
    And they can fold! I love that idea! They are very beautiful!
    Congratulations for the great taste and the new items! Can’t wait to see you wearing them!
    Filakia pollaaaaaaa! (so excited! 3 weeks now! yay!)
    Denise recently posted..On the beach: Shoper Shoe Challenges # 120 and # 121My Profile

    • Don’t you worry, I woke up yesterday and saw my blog calendar (which I use to help me organize my posts and thoughts-really helpful), and I said nooo I should make a post today (yesterday). I thought it was for today, and I hadn’t even edited the pictures. Then, I wrote it, but my Internet connection was terrible and had to postpone it for a few hours. See, you remember my posts better than I do. 🙂
      Thank you so much for everything. So happy you liked my things. The purple dress is really nice, although it may need a few small alterations to fit me perfectly. And I’m still on a diet so I’m hoping to lose some kilos until I wear it. But, the purple one is my favourite!!! I love its fabric, its color, its design. It’s so ethereal, and I imagine it in my summer looks, even on top of my swimsuit. I loved it. And its price was amazing.
      hehe I’m glad I don’t only do that. Buying both when I can’t decide. Although the price was really helpful. Even T. didn’t think of it. I asked him, and said yes, take them both. hehe And so I did.
      You should show me a photo with your glasses, in Greece! I would love to see it.
      Thank you for all your sweet words. And yayyy I’m very happy and excited for you! 3 more weeks to go!
      Filakia polla sweetyyyy! 🙂

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