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Happiness Boutique statement earrings - DoYouSpeakGossip

I recently discovered Happiness Boutique, an online store based in Berlin, Germany, and I loved their pieces of jewellery, especially their statement necklaces and earrings. They’re all outstanding and have really good prices. My order was delivered a few days after it was placed, so they definitely have a fast delivery system, and I was super excited to find out that my earrings looked exactly like even better than in their photos. They both have great quality, and came carefully packed in this box and their own personal little pouches along with some tips on jewellery care. All in all I had a great experience with them, and I couldn’t wait to show them to you. But you’ll soon see them both in outfit posts. Aren’t they beautiful? I absolutely love them! Find their links below.

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New in | Jonak wedge sandals

New in - Jonak wedge sandals -

Last month, I ordered a new pair of shoes, from my favorite e-shop,, and they came just in time, for a special occasion I wanted to wear them to. They’re really pretty and exactly as they look like in the shop pictures. They have an 11cm wedge heel, and they’re pretty comfortable to walk in. I’ve already wore them for the first time, and you’re gonna see them in an outfit, in my next post. I really love the leopard parts of the shoes, as it makes them more interesting. And brown is such a versatile color. I’m sure I’m gonna wear them a lot this summer. Do you like them?

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Birthday party details and new in/gifts

New look mint low heels bday gift 2- DoYouSpeakGossip.comHuge title, for a huge post! I initially wanted to divide the post in 2 parts, but decided against it. So this one is a very full post filled with some birthday photos (mostly foodporn), from my party on the 16th, plus most of the gifts I received for my birthday, and a gift from a Greek site,, which you’re going to see on me really soon, I’m sure. Without further ado, let’s move to the photos of this post, which are many!

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New in | white Converse all-star sneakers

white Converse all starsI’ve wanted a pair of white Converse all-star sneakers for over a year now, but I couldn’t find them in my size, and I kept postponing it. So when I bought the other 2 pairs of shoes back in February, I not only found these in my size, but also on sale. And of course I had to have them. I haven’t worn my old all-star pair a lot, because they’re high tops and they’re not so comfortable for me, plus they run kind of big. Well, these ones turned out to also run big (I should start ordering the 37 on these) but nothing an insole can’t fix. So I got these in white this time, because I think they’d be perfect for spring & summer. I haven’t worn them yet, but honestly I can’t wait. I know they’re not something you haven’t seen before, on the contrary, but all shoes deserve their share under the spotlight. Happy Monday! 🙂

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New in | Dune Carletta pumps

Dune Carletta pumpsI bought this pair of pumps last month, along with the previous ones I showed you here, but I decided to keep it to show it to you in a future post. After all, the weather hasn’t been nice enough to wear them yet, so I’ll have plenty of time to do it when spring arrives. Their trim is more tan-colored than the nude-color I expected them to be, but I like them anyway, and I think I’ll wear them a lot. Again, it’s from the same company, Dune, and it’s the 2nd pair I now own. I’m sure you’ll see it in an outfit post, when the weather gets better. Be patient! 😉

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