Garnier BB Creams Giveaway Winners

26 February, 2012

Now that my 2nd giveaway has come to an end, I have to thank everyone who participated in it. Never, in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that so many people would take part in my giveaway. The number of participants surprised me and I must say that I wasn’t at all prepared for it. It is a really difficult process, you can’t even imagine how much, if you haven’t done it, the old-fashioned manual way. Lesson learned, next time, I’ll use a giveaway plug-in.

I said it again and again on Facebook and Twitter, but very few “listened”, that a comment with your info was needed for your entry to the giveaway to be valid. Those of you who did, won from 1 to 8 entries to the giveaway, and I’m really happy for you. As for the other ones, their entries were invalid, because I didn’t have the info needed. Some tried to leave fake comments to gain extra entries, and failed, and some others tried to take part more than 1 time (failed as well).

So without further ado, here are the 5 lucky winners of the BB Creams by Garnier.

No. 498: Sonia Brandolone, No. 324: Maria Takiri, No. 418: Artermis 198, No. 288: Eirini Karantwniou, and No. 251: Evi Lieri.

Congratulations to the lucky winners! I’ll announce it on Facebook and Twitter as well, and I’ll also send you an email. If you don’t reply to my email, until Friday the 2nd (maximum), I will draw new winners in your place. I’ll send you the gifts by mail, as soon as I have everyone’s info needed.

Thanks to everyone who participated, I hope you stay along! Stay tuned for more surprises in the future.

Have a really nice day!


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9 comments on “Garnier BB Creams Giveaway Winners

  1. Ευχαριστώ πολύ πολύ κουκλίτσα!!!Με έκανες απίστευτα χαρούμενη!!Μπράβο και στα άλλα κορίτσια και ευχαριστούμε για τα όμορφα δώρα που μας δίνεις!!!!!

    • Xairomai para poli Evi mou! Egw se euxaristw poli gia ti simmetoxi sou kai to endiaferon pou edeixes gia to blog mou! Na’sai kala! Elpizw na to xareis!
      Elava to email sou, ola mia xara! 🙂

  2. Oh, I am late! I was in Bath, a nice city in the south. Really sweet there, I was longing to know it!
    Congratulation for the number of participants! You deserve it! I forgot to tell you that I couldn’t enter the giveaway, because this cream has a component my dermatologist told me not to use… 🙁
    Just like you, I have very sensitive skin, and I normally use what my doctor recommends, or I can buy some things according to the elements she tells me.
    Well, as I was late, I guess tomorrow there’ll be one of your posts again, I am happy for that!
    I will try to write one myself now! 🙂 Being sooo lazy these days… even more than before 🙂 You know, when one is not in his/her own space, it’s difficult to “move” or to do anything…
    But I have to keep going!
    (Ah, my brother just wrote a comment after yours, telling you one of his best friends is Greek too! 🙂 You see, brother and sister united!
    Filakia polla!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Denise recently posted..Primark jumperMy Profile

    • Oh I just saw that I haven’t replied to your comment yet! So I’ll reply now!
      It’s been a really busy week, and I have at last some time to use for my blog! With T. here for some days, I was immediately out of my program!
      It’s ok, that you didn’t take part in the giveaway! I just wanted to let you know, in case you hadn’t seen it and wanted to take part. I understand, and If you have really sensitive skin, and it had an ingredient that your dermatologist told you to avoid, then you shouldn’t use it.
      I know what you mean! I’m too lazy as well. I’m feeling sooo tired for no particular reason! So tired and sleepy, and not in the mood all the time! All I want to do is sleep or watch movies, and tv shows on my computer. But spring is on its way, so I’ll be perfect when the time will change again! 🙂
      And I saw your brother’s comment on your blog! hehe
      Filakia pollaaaa!!!

    • Thank you for the tag Elena! I really appreciate it! I saw it when you left me the comment, but I didn’t have enough time to answer. I’ll do the tag myself when I have some more time! Thank you again! 🙂

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