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29 February, 2012

I would have loved to say, that this month was all about fashion, glamorous outfits, bags, shoes, and stuff for me, but I’m afraid it was nothing like that. In fact it was a quite boring month, with a few exceptions. My boy was away, so I was not in the mood to leave the house in this cold, I was still on a diet for at least half of February (I managed to lose 2.5kilos, yayyy!!), but I can’t say that we didn’t eat well, or had huge family lunches. And this is what I’m going to show you this month. Yes, again food….But be patient, I have other things to show you in my next posts.

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So in the first week of the month, we broke the diet to celebrate the belated nameday of my brother, with his wife, and his in-laws. The menu as you can see in the pic, included, crepes with ham and cheese, stuffed mushrooms, spinach soufflé, mashed potatoes with cheese in the oven, pork, and veal with green peppers, cream and mushrooms. They were all delicious! My mom is an exceptional cook, so I wasn’t expecting anything less.

As for the desserts we had:

Tarts with pastry cream, whipped cream and strawberries, made by me.

And my mom’s famous profiterole

Don’t think that I ate all that stuff! I was really full after some bites, and the other day, I continued my diet, which was going to finish really soon, so the menu wasn’t so strict.

Among others, we had:

 Shrimps with brown rice (yum!), (2 pieces of) home-made pizza with cheese, ham and mushrooms, and Kalamaria stuffed with spinach and feta cheese. And yes, these are what they diet said we should eat.

We “broke” the diet again on Valentine’s Day, (as those of you follow me on Facebook already know), to eat a fresh, and delicious Valentine’s Day cake! Did I mention super-cute too? It was so difficult to cut it, because it was incredibly cute.

I love cakes with sugar-paste, and this is why I chose this, but it also had a really tasty filling. Calories well earned! hehe

After the diet was finished I decided to make some red velvet cupcakes, in a way to celebrate V’s Day with my bf. They came out amazing! Especially the cream cheese frosting!

They weren’t as red as they should but I blame the color for that. It turned the milk fuchsia as you can see. But it was indeed a red color. And their taste was great so I didn’t mind. The boy agreed, and as long as he liked them, I’m okay. 🙂

On another note, away from cooking and baking, I did another nice manicure I would like to show you. It is really simple one and it wasn’t worth a whole post as the previous one, but I loved the color.

It’s a pearly burgundy, and I loved how it looks on my nails. I took this pic, straight after I finished the manicure so you can see some imperfections that I fixed later.

If you’re interested to see what else I did this month, you should check out my previous February posts. Among others, I did another cool manicure as I told you before, which was picked for IFB’s Links a la Mode, I went on a one-day trip to Kavala, I wore a maxi-skirt before a freezing snowstorm hit my town (and I really liked that outfit) and I hosted my 2nd blog Giveaway, (which has now ended), with a great success (over 500 entries). So all and all it was a really full month for me. How was yours?

Tomorrow we are entering the first month of spring, but I’m afraid that the cold weather will stay for at least one more month with us, until we will officially be in spring.  That didn’t stop me from buying my first spring items, which I’m going to show you really soon on a post. I’m really excited about them, so stay tuned! 🙂

See you next time!


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40 comments on “My month in pics

    • Αχ δυστυχώς η τουρτίτσα εξαφανίστηκε πολύ γρήγορα! Ήταν μικρή, βλέπεις!
      Σ’ευχαριστώ πολύ, επίσης!

    • Ma teleiwse to prwto meros tis diaitas! Na min vgw na to fwnaxw me xara? hahaha Itane ola teleia! Kai pragmatika, itane oti pio endiaferon ekana auton ton mina, me exairesi tis teleutaies meres tou Fevrouariou, pou girise gia ligo to boy ap’to strato, kai vgika kai ligaki ap’to spiti! hehe
      Oso gia to manicure, to’xw akoma kai den exw stamatisei na to xazevw! Ma ti wraio pou einai auto to xrwma!

  1. Congrats on 2.5kg loosing! It’s sooo great!!!Welll done! I would love to loose something what I got through winter.
    Gosh, how yummy everything looks, no surprise that you broke you diet.
    Your nail polish look absolutely gorgeous.
    Have a wonderful days!

    xoxo Ra
    Ramona recently posted..Texture+ToneMy Profile

  2. Before I forget, pleeeeease tell me the name of that nail polish, I urgently need it! What for an amazing manicure, as always, but this color is simply fantaaaastic!
    Also, I finally wrote about the beauty products I promised I would!
    And congratulations for the 2,5 kilos! Guess what, I only lost 3,5 then, cause 1,5 I got back – will fix it walking like crazy with my “walker-friend” in London! I told you she walks miles and miles! But anyway. still 3,5 is a good number!
    Then I come here and find the moooost delicious food I could see! The vegetable dishes sounded amazing and the sweets??? You are a super cook too!
    And what for that cute cake? So cute and I bet, delicious too!
    Hope March is better for us all…
    Filakia polla!!!!!!!!!!!
    Denise recently posted..Beauty momentMy Profile

    • Thank you Denise! The nail polish is the one I showed you months ago, bought with other 5 I’ve already worn. It’s again from the Greek brand GT cosmetics, by Tommy G. I also bought it for my sister-in-law for her birthday the other day!…If you like I could send it to you!
      I hope I didn’t gained any kilos back these weeks, I’m going to start again next week. I have more kilos to lose. I’m sure you will lose yours too. I have to start exercising again as well.
      The cake was really delicious, but I bought it because it was sooo cute!
      I really hope that too!
      Filakia polla!!!!

  3. Hey M, you and your mum are such good cooks! I’m drooling at all the food on this post! Your cupcakes came out great, and the V day cake is really really cute, did you make it? I love cakes with sugar paste too 🙂 I’m really hungry now!
    Steph recently posted..Leap YearMy Profile

    • Thank you Steph! Oh no, I didn’t make the cake! I wish I could! I never “worked” with sugarpaste before, but I’d love to learn how to make it. Maybe someday in the future! 🙂 Thank you so much for your compliments! 🙂

      • I hope you get a chance to try it out, it sounds like a fun thing to do and you already bake really well, I’m sure you’ll be great at it 🙂 x
        Steph recently posted..Leap YearMy Profile

  4. You’re my hero! You’ ve managed to loose 2,5 kilos though you were among all these beautiful dishes and have a mum that cooks perfectly!
    The burgundy nail polish is just perfect. Can’t wait your post with your new purchases!
    Have a wonderful day,

    • hahah thank you! These were only for February. And my diet ended on the 18th anyway. I hope I didn’t gain weight since then. Plus my mom was having a diet with me, so she didn’t cook any other delicious things in front of be, without me being able to eat. hehe We’re going to start the diet again next week, we have a lot more weight to lose.
      Have a wonderful day as well! 🙂

    • Min anisixeis kai egw apo evdomada ksanarxizw opote mallon tha kaneis kairo na deis! Ti na kanw pou den eixe tipota sinarpastiko o minas, ektos ap’auta pou sas eixa idi deixei sta post mou! To profiteron tis mamas teleio, an kai den eimai fan tis sokolatas!

  5. Yummy Yummy yummy! Είναι 11:40 το πρωί και ήδη πείνασα! Λοιπόν εμένα μου φαίνεται ότι ήταν ένας πολύ γευστικός μήνας!!! Και καταφερες και να αδυνατίσεις κιόλας? Είσαι φοβερή! Το γλυκό για τη γιορτή του Α. Βαλεντίνου ήταν τόσο όμορφο. Περιμένω με ανυπομονησία και τα επόμενα Post σου.

    Φιλάκια πολλά πολλά
    Elsa recently posted..Arty Ring from YSLMy Profile

    • hehe S’euxaristw poli Elsa mou!To trapezi pou vlepeis egine stis arxes fevrouariou, sta teleiwmata tis diaitas, k den efaga poli! Stin 3i fwto oti vlepeis itane mesa sto menu tis diaitas (nai eixa pizza kai souvlakia 2 fores). Oso gia ta red velvet ta eftiaxa meta to teleiwma tis diaitas, opote katafera na xasw kila eutixws! Ekana 2 evdomades dialeima kai ksanarxisa autin tin evdomada, gia na xasw kai alla….
      By the way, auto to post einai apo tin proigoumeni tetarti, kai exw vgalei alla 2 apo tote, an endiaferesai!
      Filakia polla!! 🙂

  6. Ouf k egw prepei na arxisw amesa diaita giati exw ksefygei!Teleytaia exw piksei me ta ma8imata sti sxoli kai aytos einai kai o logos poy den eixa kanei post toooso kairo! Mpainw amesa na dw ta neotera post sou!

    Filakia polla polla
    Elsa recently posted..Arty Ring from YSLMy Profile

    • Aww s’euxaristw para poli pou ksanarthes na deis kai ta alla mou post! 🙂
      Ante kale, ti diaita na arxiseis esi. Esi exeis swmatara! Egw eixa ksefigei poli stis giortes, kai evala 2 kila mesa sta Xristougenna, opote twra exasa auta, kai sinexizw gia na xasw kai ta ipoloipa 3-4 pou ithela…
      Ax autes oi sxoles! Poli mas kourazoun! Egw eutixws to perasa auto!
      Filia polla!

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