April’s wishlist

2 April, 2012

Hello my dear readers! I hope you had a fun weekend and an even better April fool’s Day. Can’t believe we’re already in April. Time flies! This month it was too difficult for me to find items for my wishlist. Not that I didn’t like anything, but I want to buy so many things, and with all the beautiful pastel colors around me, I’m confused. As always though, I tried to narrow it down to 5 items that made it into this month’s wishlist. As you’ll see I’m still obsessed with mint. Aren’t we all?

1.      Kurt Geiger London Class, £210.00.


These shoes stole my heart! They are also available in many other colors, including mint, but these baby blue ones are my favourites. And they also fall into the category of pastels! Aren’t they amazing? You can find them here.

2.      Carvela Kurt Geiger Assemble, £120.00.


I’ve already shown you the lower version of these in nude, here, but these ones are even better. As a high heel lover, I’m sure you understand that I loved these ones best. Especially in this mint-blue color. And the bows are just adorable. You can find them here.

3.      Zara mint platform sandals, 39.95€.


Oh yes, another mint pair of shoes! This time, a sandal, and a much more affordable option I must add. I’ve already searched many times for them in my local Zara, with no luck but I’ll keep searching. So far, I’ve only seen the nude/pink version of those. Fingers crossed that I’ll find these ones too, really soon.

4.      ASOS Pencil Skirt with Split Front, $43.87.


I’m sure it won’t be of anyone’s taste but I loved it. I always loved pencil skirts; I find them so feminine, and pretty. And this one with the split front is so special! I already imagine it with many spring/summer outfits. I love it! Can’t get enough mint, I know. There’s something wrong with me, I guess. Hope I’m not alone in this. If you like it too, you click here to buy it.

5.      Ravel JOLLY Navy-White, 68€.


And now something neither mint, nor pastel! A surprise for sure! It’s more summery than the previous items, and I like the nautical vibe I get from them. I like the rope wedge, and although at first I was hesitant about the lower part/sole (in all honesty it reminds me of the swimming board I had as a kid), I think it really flatters the upper. They are from the brand Ravel, which I talked to you about on my previous wishlist, and I think they would look great with some of my summer outfits. And I don’t think that I have so many heeled summer sandals, so why not? Click here to buy them from Spartoo.gr.

And here ends this month’s wishlist. So, what do you think? Did you like any of these items? I already have my eyes on 2 other pairs, but I didn’t find them online, so I’ll have to show them to you IF and when I buy them.

Have a fantastic week and an even better month!


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29 comments on “April’s wishlist

  1. Finally “home”… as I promised, my Monday-comment! 🙂
    I just saw your Month in Pics and I loved everything… and 5 outfits, so nice! Loved the way you showed them! I must try doing the same one day, but I only know how to work when I have structure – and I don’t really have now… I tend to feel drained when I live “in chaos”… and end up not doing much of nothing!
    But now this wishlist! (A proper email tomorrow, I promise! Belive it or not, I will travel again today… but it’ll be great!)
    I like mint very much too, and the items you picked now are the best! First, the two pairs of shoes, by Kurt Geiger/Carvela… simply amazing! They are my favorite items, followed by the mint skirt! You always have very good taste!
    Add a “brown” scarf or detail and you’ll be the famous and sweet min-chocolate ice-cream and I mean it in a good way, of course! Just like the cream I got – as a present – last weekend… chocolate/vanilla, and people say it triggers the will to bite! (To bite me? Oh no… but I know it’s a joke!)
    Will you buy some of the items of the list! I hope so!
    So, now… packing again… I’ll post how the weekend was, tomorrow… and the new short trip as well!
    Ah, I just mentioned you on the blog again today! 🙂
    Filakia pollaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    Denise recently posted..Engagement ringsMy Profile

    • Welcome back home then! 🙂 I’m always glad to see your comments you know that. I know what you mean that you need structure, and that you can’t work when “in chaos”. I’m the same!
      A new trip already? Oh I’m excited! If you say it will be great, I’m sure it will be. So have a really nice trip, and take a lot of photos for use to see! hehe
      Yes, these are my favorites as well, in the order you put them too. So obsessed with mint lately! I’m hoping to create many new outfits with pastel clothes, but I still “owe” you 2 more outfits, and the one we shot yesterday when T. was here. I hope I’ll post them really soon. I don’t want them to get old-der! The brown detail you said, is a great suggestion! I really loved it! I didn’t think of it, because I don’t think we have the mint chocolate ice cream here, at least I haven’t eaten it so far. I’ll definitely try it sometime.
      Have a fantastic and safe trip! I’ll go your blog to read your new post now. But I want to say thank you so much for mentioning me in your post once again! You’re really sweet!
      Filakia Polla!

  2. Χαχα! Και η δική μου wishlist ειναι τεραστια και συνεχώς προστίθενται νέα πράγματα. Πολύ χαίρομαι που κατάφερες να ξεχωρίσεις 5 πράγματα από τη δική σου. Είναι όλα πανέμορφα! Αυτό το minty green έχει γίνει το πάθος όλων μας φέτος (και όχι άδικα)! Εύχομαι να γίνουν όλα δικά σου!

    Φιλάκια πολλά
    Elsa recently posted..Crystal ClearMy Profile

    • hahaha kapws etsi kai i diki mou! Thelw unlimited budget gia psonia kai taxidia! Hehe
      S’euxaristw para poli! Makari makari, kala tha itane, na ginoun ola dika mou! Pros to paron einai mono daydreaming. 🙂
      Filia polla!

    • S’euxaristw poli Christina mou! Min anisixeis! Egw xairomai na vlepw sxolia sou, opote exeis xrono! Oi douleies kai i proswpiki zwi proexoune!
      Filakia polla! 🙂

  3. Gosh, those pencil skirt are fabulous and like those super cute blue shoes with bow. This is so you wish list. Hope your wishes will come true 😉

    xoxo Ra
    Ramona recently posted..wild skirtMy Profile

  4. Πω πωωωωωωωω τι όμορφα που είναι όλα!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ειδικά τα 3 πρώτα είναι χάρμα!!!!
    Καλημέρα Μ. μου! Φιλί :*****
    themodisher.gr recently posted..Hats onMy Profile

  5. I want it all! These pieces are perfect for spring. I could see myself wearing Ravel JOLLY Navy-White walking down the board walk. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Hi sweetie,
    I checked your blog and I liked it so much: nice style!!!
    In this post I love the shoes!!!!

    Follow each other!?!? Let me know on my blog…:)
    Hope to see you on my blog….

    XOXOXO, Francesca

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