All-black outfit

5 April, 2012

A few weeks ago, I went out for coffee with the sweet blogger of Style Bows, Maria. We’re living in the same city but I didn’t have the chance to meet her until now. And she’s actually the first blogger that I meet in person. We had a really good time, at least after the first minutes of obvious awkwardness (mostly from my part-I told you that I’m really shy when I meet someone new), and we actually met again last week. We didn’t take any pictures together, but I photographed my outfit when I got home. I wasn’t sure if I was going to post it, because once again I wasn’t satisfied with the pics, but this is what I wore, so I hope you like it anyway.

Dress: random shop (a gift from my cousin) (similar style here, and here), bag: Penny Black, boots: local store, sunglasses: Donna Karan, tights: vintage (not used of course), watch: Esprit (similar style here).

The tights are not fishnet, they are actually printed, and they were given to me by my mom. She found them in her drawers, and since she never worn them, she gave them to me.

The chained necklace is part of the dress, and you may not see it clearly, but there are both black & silver chains. It is much more obvious in person!

On my nails: no.7 Stay Perfect, Totally Teal.

I was actually wearing 2 rings as well, but I took them off when I returned home, and forgot to put them on again for the pics, so here they are:

They are both vintage, and I had “stolen” them from my mom’s old jewellery, many years ago! And I still love them! 🙂

And since I forgot to put them on for the pics, you can imagine them on my index and middle fingers.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my outfit. I have one more “old” one for you in one of my next posts, and then I’ll try to post them sooner than usual.

See you soon!


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36 comments on “All-black outfit

  1. Geia sou agapimeni mou!!! Eisai pragmatika KOUKLA kai poli elegant me auto to mauro forema, mou aresei poli!!!
    Loved the rings, really pretty!!! Simera leo na kano ena kainourgio post,ena forema pou sigoura tha to foreso to Pasxa, me mia Neon leptomeria…..curious?

    Filia kali mou!
    vanda recently posted..spring lookMy Profile

    • Geia sou Vanda mou! S’euxaristw para poli gia ta kala sou logia!
      Fisika kai eimai curious gia to post sou! Tha to dw opwsdipote, molis to vgalei sto Bloglovin’ pou se akolouthw…
      Filia polla!

    • S’euxaristw poli Elsa! A ta mallia mou opws panta “anemela” sto fisiko tous…haha theloun kourema kai antaugies alla meta to pasxa twra…
      Nai meta tin arxiki amixania itan para poli wraia…gi auto kai ksanasinantithikame kai 2i fora idi! 🙂

  2. You look hot and a bit edgy. I can tell by these photos that you loving this look. Those rings are gorgeous, can’t believe that they are vintage.

    xoxo Ra
    Ramona recently posted..Le MintMy Profile

  3. Hiya darling!
    I just picked up by random org. winner of my GIVEAWAY (!!!)

    You have won!

    Please, contact with me – I will need your address and which exactly bracelet you would like to receive.

    xoxo Ra
    Ramona recently posted..Le MintMy Profile

    • S’euxaristw poli kai pali Christina! To outfit den einai twrino, to foresa sxedon prin ena mina (apla den eixa xrono na to postarw), gi auto kai einai olo mavro kai mounto! Eixe krio ekeini ti mera, forousa apo panw kai lepto jacket kai palto! Min se ksegelaei to amaniko! 🙂
      Ta mallia mou ontws makrinan to exw paratirisei kai egw…theloune omws ligo kourema apo katw, kai ena freskarisma stis antaugeies, meta to Pasxa. Alla tha kratisw to makros, giati thelw na ta afisw na ginoune opws ta eixa prin ta kopsw asimmetra! Thank you!

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